Training, assessment and certification of future specialists are important objectives of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, which resolves to maintain the highest level of standards in medical competency and integrity and aims to advance the art and science of medicine in Singapore through postgraduate specialist training.


Although many Fellows of the Academy have been active in educational pursuits, e.g. teaching medical students and training residents, few have been formally trained in pedagogy, i.e. the science of teaching. This lack of formal training has not deterred our predecessors from training generations of great doctors, which is heartening, in that medicine can be taught by non-pedagogues.


The last decade has, however, seen major changes to the national medical education landscape, especially in postgraduate training. With the implementation of ACGME-type residency training, as well as the intention by the Ministry of Health and the Specialist Accreditation Boards to ensure a more robust certification of specialists, there has been an impetus for clinicians to seek formal training in medical education.


The Chapter of Clinician Educators (CCE) hopes to bring together all specialists in public institutions and the private sector interested in medical education to support the national medical education agenda.


The objectives of the CCE are:

  • Pedagogical up-skilling
  • Engagement and recognition of outstanding educators
  • Advocacy for clinical educators
  • To serve an advisory and think tank role
  • Foster a culture of innovation and research in medical education


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