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25 Aug 2017

February Combined Anaesthetic Meeting 2016
27 Jan 2016

Dear College Fellows,


The College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore and the Singapore Society of Anaesthesiologists are having our Combined Anaesthetic Meeting on Saturday, 20 February 2016.


This meeting will be held at the Conference Room 1 and 2 , Women's Tower at KK Women's and Children's Hospital. The programme will run from 8:30am to about 11:00am.


Registration will begin at 8:00am. Please rsvp your attendance with Pearly at cas@ams.edu.sg .We sincerely look forward to your support.

A/Prof Ti LIan Kah
College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore

21 Dec 2015

The College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore is holding our next Annual Refresher Course on the 16th April 2016 at York Hotel.

For more details , please view here.

Invitation to Join the Pain Medicine Section
18 Dec 2014

Dear All,

This is to inform all of you that we have now formed the Section of Pain Medicine under the College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore.  

We would like to extend our invitation to all potential fellows to join us ( past or present pain specialist ) in this section.  Admission to the Pain Medicine Section is subject to review by the Pain Section Exco Committee.

In your application, kindly state your qualification towards qualifying as a pain specialist.
You must also fulfill the following criteria :

i) You must be a FAMS member

ii) At least 5 years of recognition as a pain specialist with minimal number of sessions in a private or public institution ( in writing  by institution or supported by documents as such). Minimal number of session of practice is one every two weeks, or 5 hours of practice every two weeks. Such practice may involve clinical or interventional work. Audits or request for caselog may be carried out.

iii) Accredited exams ( FFPMANZCA/ FFPMRCA/ FIPP/ US board  certification).

iv) Fellowship in accredited chronic pain centre for a minimum of one month

Kindly submit your application to secretariat, Ms Pearly Gan at pearly_gan@ams.edu.sg  by 15th Feb 2015. Admission to the Pain Medicine Section is subject to review by the Pain Section Exco Committee.

We sincerely look forward to receiving all your applications.


Yours sincerely

Dr Yeo Sow Nam
Pain Medicine Section