Session Topic Speaker

Symposium 1

General Medicine

An update on management of portal vein thrombosis

Dr Pankaj Handa

All you need to know on peri-operative anticoagulation

Dr Nihar Pandit

An approach to a patient with hypokalaemia

Dr C Rajasoorya
Symposium 2 Endocrinology

An update on diabetes: Necessary to individualise HbA1c target?

Dr T Subramaniam

All you need to know on medical and nutritional issues after bariatric surgery

Dr Khoo Chin Meng

An approach to thyroid function tests and beyond

Dr Rinkoo Dalan
Symposium 3 Respiratory Medicine

An update on asthma

Dr John A

All you need to know on bronchiectasis

Dr Albert Lim

An approach to lung cancer screening 

Dr Alan Ng
Symposium 4 Dermatology/Infectious Diseases All you need to know on dermatologic emergency in the medical ward Dr Lee Haur Yueh
An approach to evaluating sexually transmitted diseases Dr Priya Sen
An update on HIV treatment and monitoring Dr Koh Yin Ling
All you need to know on travel infections in North America Dr Lin Li
Symposium 5 Cardiology New developments in Anti-Platelet therapy for Acute Coronary Syndrome Dr Chin Chee Tang
Heart failure management: An update on recent guidelines Dr David Sim
Recent advances in the management of heart valve diseases Dr Paul Chiam

Symposium 6

Medical Oncology/Haematology

An update on colorectal cancer Dr Lim Hwee Yong
All you need to know on tumour markers in cancer screening Dr Lim Siew Eng
An update on molecular and genetic testing in haematology Dr Michelle Poon
All you need to know on novel oral anticoagulants and laboratory testing Dr Ng Heng Joo

Symposium 7

Geriatric Medicine

An update on cognitive enhancers: Really needed or over-rated? Dr Lim Wee Shiong
All you need to know on peptic ulcer prophylaxis and antiplatelet/NSAID therapy Dr Lee Jer En
An update on nutraceuticals: Which ones are reasonable to be added? Dr Wong Sweet Fun

Symposium 8

Renal Medicine

An update on renal sympathetic dernervation in resistant hypertension Dr Tan Chieh Suai
All you need to know on hyperphosphatemia in chronic kidney disease Dr Debajyoti M Roy
An approach to renal calculi Dr Christopher Leo
Symposium 9 Rheumatology An update on management of osteoporosis Dr Lau Tang Ching
All you need to know on biologic DMARDs in rheumatology Dr Leong Keng Hong
An approach to oligoarthritis  Dr Lui Nai Lee
Symposium 10 Rehabilitation Medicine/Palliative Medicine An update on stroke rehabilitation: More of the same? Dr Bok Chek Wai
All you need to know on amputee rehabilitation: Beyond diabetic foot Dr Tan Ping Ping
All you need to know on palliative sedation Dr Lalit K R Krishna
An update on advance care planning in Singapore Dr Raymond Ng
Symposium 11 Neurology An update on management of acute ischemic stroke Dr Raymond Seet
Diagnosis and management of tremors Dr Tan Kay Yaw
An approach to the diagnosis of young onset dementia Dr Simon Ting
Symposium 12 Gastroenterology An update on hepatitis C treatment in the era of direct-acting anti-viral drugs Dr Tan Chee Kiat
All you need to know on non-alcoholic fatty liver disease Dr Rajneesh Kumar
An approach to refractory constipation Dr Wang Yu Tien




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