Section of Clinical Toxicologists


Clinical toxicology involves the research, prevention and treatment of diseases caused by chemicals, drugs and toxins such as when dealing with people who are poisoned or who have overdosed. The Section's Inaugural Annual General Meeting was held on 5 June 2015 at the Tutorial Room, Department of Emergency Medicine, Block 1, Rooftop Level, Singapore General Hospital, Outram Road, Singapore 169608. 


Executive Committee 2023-2024


Rank Name
Chairman Dr Cham Wai Ming, Gregory
Vice-Chairman Dr Tan Hock Heng
Secretary Dr Kuan Kaibin Kelvin
Treasurer Dr Loo Kee Vooi
Committee Member Dr R Ponampalam
Committee Member Dr Ngo Su-Yin Adeline
Committee Member Dr Geoffrey Ng Guoyi


Section of Geriatric Emergency Medicine


GEM members have undergone training with special interests in the management of geriatric patients. It aims to promote best practices in emergency management of elderly patients as well as to assist in the training and continuing professional development of emergency physicians in various aspects of geriatric emergency care.The following members of the College of Emergency Physicians have undergone special training in the management of geriatric patients in the emergency department. The approval of the section was formally announced in the Council meeting in March 2022.


Executive Committee 2023-2024


Rank Name
Chairman  Dr Colin Ong Eng Choon
Vice-Chairman Dr Ranjeev Kumar Nanta Kumar
Secretary Dr Juliana Poh
Treasurer Dr Arron Ang Seng Hock
Committee Member Dr Sim Tiong Beng
Committee Member Dr Lee Mui Hua Jean
Committee Member Dr Audrey Tham Yumin
Committee Member Dr Madeline Phuah Weiling
Committee Member Dr Seet Huey Ying
Committee Member Dr Vivian Siu Wing Yin
Committee Member Dr Joanna Chan
Committee Member Dr Liu Huiling
Committee Member Prof Lim Swee Han
Committee Member Prof V. Anantharaman


Section of Emergency Medical Service


SEMSP would allow for formal recognition and accreditation of EMS physicians. As the number of formally accredited EMS physicians increases, we would then be able to recommend to the Ministry of Health regarding legislation of certain EMS key roles (for example, an Ambulance Medical Director). This would establish high standards and improve credibility of EMS care locally.


Executive Committee 2024-2025


Rank Name
Chairman Prof Ong Eng Hock, Marcus
Vice-Chairman Dr Leong Sieu-Hon Benjamin
Secretary Dr Ng Yih Yng
Deputy Secretary Dr Tay Wei Ling
Committee Member Dr Goh E Shaun
Committee Member Dr Chia Yih Chong Michael
Committee Member Dr Shalini Arulanandam
Committee Member Dr Cheah Si Oon


Section of Emergency Ultrasound


The Emergency Ultrasound has created a paradigm shift in the practice of Emergency Medicine: by improving diagnostic accuracy and increasing the safety and success of many emergency procedures, it has expedited clinical decision-making processes and improved the turnaround time for the care of many patients.


Executive Committee 2024-2025


Rank Name
Chair Dr Juan Sze Joo
Vice-Chair Dr Chan Kim Poh
Secretary Dr Rafael Saclolo
Committee Member A/Prof Ang Shiang-Hu
Committee Member A/Prof Lee Chun Yue, Francis
Committee Member A/Prof Toh Hong Chuen
Committee Member Dr Chan Kim Chai
Committee Member Dr Chan Wai Han Gene
Committee Member Dr Chia Wen Jie, Dennis



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