The Section of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, College of Psychiatrists held a CME Talk entitled, “Kids' Skills - A Creative Solution-Focused Method for Helping Children Overcome Emotional and Behavioural Difficulties” on 19 September 2017 at the Health Promotion Board Building.


A/Prof Ong Say How opened the talk and introduced distinguished speaker, Dr Ben Furman a Finnish Psychiatrist and Teacher of Solution-Focused Therapy. He is also a renowned Psychiatrist, Psychotherapist, author and co-Director of the Helsinki Brief Therapy Institute.


Dr Furman presented interesting and practical methods on converting emotional and behavioural problems into skills that children can learn. He gave insights on utilising a logical 15-step protocol which is designed to inspire the creativity of the child and recruit the child’s social network to support them  during the process. Aside from this, he also shared his app called Kid’s Skills which provides reliable information about common – and also less common – children’s problems and diagnoses, designed for parents, grandparents, teachers, to everyone who cares for children.


The College of Psychiatrists gratefully acknowledge, Vaya Pharma Pte Ltd for sponsoring the sumptuous breakfast for the delegates.













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