13 Jun 2016

The Academy of Medicine, Singapore announces the appointment of Dr S R E Sayampanathan as the new Master of the Academy.

Professor Lim Shih Hui has completed his four-year term as Master of the Academy, a position which he has helmed since June 2012.   The leadership transition took place at conclusion of the 38th Annual General Meeting on 11 June 2016 when Professor Lim handed over the headship of the Academy to Dr Sayampanathan.  Professor Lim will remain on the Academy Council for another year, serving in the capacity as Immediate Past Master.  The Academy would like to record its heartfelt appreciation to Professor Lim for his able leadership, dedication and contributions.

Dr Sayampanathan will serve as Master of the Academy for a two-year term (2016-2018) effective 11 June 2016.  Dr Sayampanathan, an orthopaedic surgeon, has been a Fellow of the Academy since 1998.  In the last eight years, he has been an active member of the Academy Council where he has served as Elected Council member (2007-2011), appointed Council member (2011-2013), and Scribe (2013-2015).  He also led as Chairman of the Organising Committee of the successful 49th Singapore-Malaysia Congress of Medicine held in 2015.  Dr Sayampanathan was President of the College of Surgeons, Singapore (2011-2013), and has also held numerous positions with the College as Council member (2007-2009), Vice-President (2009-2011), and Immediate Past President (2013-2014).

In June 2015, Dr Sayampanathan was declared Master-Elect.  We warmly welcome Dr Sayampanathan as Master of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and look forward to his leadership.

Following the 38th Annual General Meeting of the Academy of Medicine Singapore, the new Council will be as follows:



Elected Council Members

Rank Name
Master Dr S R E Sayampanathan
Assistant Master - Academic Affairs Dr Teo Eng Kiong
Assistant Master - Administrative Affairs Dr Khoo Kei Siong
Scribe Dr Chan Yew Weng
Bursar Dr Lai Fon Min
Assistant Bursar Dr David Lye Chien Boon
Censor-in-Chief Dr Yeo Jin Fei
Censor Dr Lim Lay Cheng
Censor Dr Ng Wei Keong Alan
Censor Dr Venkataraman Anantharaman
Censor Dr Wong Chiang Yin
Censor Dr Wong Tien Yin


Appointed Council Members

Rank Name
President, College of Anaesthesiologists Dr Ti Lian Kah
President, College of Dental Surgeons Dr Lee Pheng Hean Bryce
President, College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists Dr Arijit Biswas
President, College of Paediatrics and Child Health Dr Marion Margaret Aw
President, College of Physicians Dr Chan Choong Meng
President, College of Radiologists Dr Chua Eu Tiong
President, College of Surgeons Dr Ho Kok Sun
President, College of Emergency Physicians Dr Goh Siang Hong
President, College of Ophthalmologists Dr Wong Tien Yin
President, College of Psychiatrists Dr Ng Beng Yeong
President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians Dr Vernon Lee
President, College of of Clinician Scientists Dr Pierce Chow Kah Hoe
Chair, Chapter of Pathologists  Dr Inny Busmanis
Chair, Chapter of Intensivists Dr Lim Tiek Whai
Chair, Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians Dr Tan Boon Yeow
Chair, Chapter of Clinician Educators Dr Lim Chuen Hian Erle


Rank Name
Immediate Past Master Dr Lim Shih Hui
Editor, Annals Dr Tan Eng King





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