15 Sep 2017

The Inaugural General Meeting (IGM) of the College of Clinician Educators was held on 15 September 2017. It was attended by 13 fellows to mark the establishment of the college. Dr S R E Sayampanathan, Master of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, graced the occasion and formalised the IGM.


The interim Council for the year council term 2017 – 2018 are:


President  : Dr Dujeepa Samarasekera
Vice-President  : Dr Tham Kum Ying
Honorary Secretary  : Dr Tay Sook Muay
Honorary Treasurer  : Dr Thamotharampillai Thirumoorthy
Council Members  : Dr Abhilash Balakrishnan
   : Dr Kevin Tan
   : Dr Yip Chee Chew
Co-Opted Members  : Dr Chay Oh Moh
   : Dr Lim Wee Shiong
   : Dr Nigel Tan
   : Dr Yong Wei Sean