17 Aug 2016

The College of Psychiatrists and the Singapore Armed Forces organised a CME talk on 17 August 2016 at SGH Academia. LTC (Dr) Adrian Loh Seng Wei, Head Psychological Care Centre, SAF and LTC (Dr) Soh Teck Hwee, SAF Consultant Psychiatrist were speakers at the event. LTC (Dr) Adrian Loh Seng Wei talked about the topic on "Effective Deployment of Servicemen with Psychiatric Problems". LTC (Dr) Soh Teck Hwee talked about the topic on "Assessing Suitability for Firearms Use".


The College would like to thank LTC (Dr) Adrian Loh Seng Wei and LTC (Dr) Soh Teck Hwee for speaking at the event.


Please kindly click here for event announcement.