20 Apr 2020

We have written up a Committee Opinion on "Management of Pregnancy and Birth in Women with Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)" and we hope you will find it useful in your management of COVID-19 positive obstetric patients. To this end we will also be organizing a webinar on this important topic. Do look out for the upcoming publicity!


Most suspected or confirmed COVID-19 patients may be managed in their respective hospitals as the majority of these patients have mild symptoms. This includes obstetric patients who should be co-managed by their obstetrician with the  ID and/or respiratory physician. If the pregnant mother requires respiratory support, then the infectious Disease /Respiratory physicians can liaise with their peers of the intended institution to check for availability of beds and suitability of transfer. Any proposed inpatient transfer will require approval by the leadership of both hospitals and MOH.


If the pregnancy is early and there are no obstetric issues, mothers can be transferred to any hospital that are best equipped to support these patients. However, if the mother is of a more advanced gestational age then consideration should be made to transfer them to Institutions that also have obstetric support after obtaining due clearance. 


You may refer to the Committee Opinion here