29 May 2017






Dear Fellow Academicians


This year we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.  

To commemorate this historical milestone, the Academy will be giving away special commemorative gift to all Fellows and Members as a gesture of appreciation for your support and contribution to the Academy through the years.

During the period from 29 May to 7 July 2017, the Academy will have an outreach station at public and private hospitals across Singapore on selected dates to enable you to collect your choice of commemorative gift at your convenience.

Fellows and Members are each entitled to ONE commemorative gift, and you may choose one from the four (4) gift types available.   Fellows and Members must be in good standing to receive this entitlement.


For more details on the commemorative gifts, please refer to the attached.

Please click here for the collection schedule and location. 

If you would like to select more than ONE commemorative gift, we welcome donations in support of the Academy.  For every $60 donation, you can add one item in addition to your complimentary gift.  Donations to the Academy are eligible for tax deduction of 250%.

We hope you will enjoy this little gesture as we celebrate the Academy’s Diamond Jubilee.

Once again, thank you for your contribution and we look forward to your continued support.



Yours truly,



DR S R E SAYAMPANATHAN                        DR CHAN YEW WENG
Master                                                              Scribe