23 Apr 2022

The initiation of a World Infant, Child and Adolescent Mental Health Day (WICAMHD) is to:

1. Recognize the global importance of infant, child and adolescent mental health.
2. Advocate for the promotion of mental health and prevention of mental illness in infants, children and adolescents.

The marketing flyer for WICAMHD can be downloaded here.

The social media tool for WICAMHD can be downloaded here.

The collaborating organisations would be organnising a webinar titled [Minding the Heart of the World] to officially launch WICAMHD. It will be taking place on Saturday, 23 April 2022, 1:00PM.

For more details on WICAMHD and the Official Launch, please proceed here.

The launch webinar is recorded and available at the IACAPAP’s YouTube channel from 25 April 2022 onwards. Please click here to view the video.