9 Jul 2013

SINGAPORE, 9 July 2013 - The Academy of Medicine, Singapore announces its new Council for the term 2013-2014 following the 35th Annual General Meeting held on 15 June 2013.


Dr Lim Shih Hui will continue to lead in his second year as Master of the Academy (2013-2014).  He looks forward to working with the new Council to see through the strategic priorities and initiatives set out in the Academy’s Strategic Plans 2012-2014.


The Council is composed of 25 elected and appointed members. The breadth of expertise, diverse perspective and depth of experience brought by these members will collectively enhance the Council's ability to achieve the mission of the Academy.


The Academy would like to extend its heartfelt thanks to the former Council of 2012-2013 for their unstinting commitment and valuable contributions and also warmly welcome the new Council to the 2013-2014 term.


The new Council of the Academy is as follows:


Elected Council

Dr Lim Shih Hui                                            Master
Dr Wong Kok Seng Assistant Master - Academic Affairs
Dr Teo Eng Kiong Assistant Master - Administrative Affairs
Dr S R E Sayampanathan Scribe
Dr Khoo Kei Siong Bursar
Dr Lai Fon-Min Assistant Bursar
Dr T Thirumoorthy Censor-in-Chief
Dr Anthony Heng Censor
Dr Jeyaraj Prema Raj Censor
Dr Lim Lay Cheng Censor
Dr Ng Wei Keong Alan Censor
Dr Tay Jam Chin Censor
Dr Wong Chiang Yin Censor


Appointed Council

Dr Tseng Seng Sou Philip President, College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore

Dr Benjamin Charles Long

President, College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore
Dr Tan Hak Koon President, College of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists, Singapore                          
Dr Victor Samuel Rajadurai President, College of Paediatrics & Child Health, Singapore                                                                      
Dr Tay Jam Chin President, College of Physicians, Singapore
Dr Lim Choie Choie, Tchoyoson                    President, College of Radiologists, Singapore
Dr Esuvaranathan Kesavan President, College of Surgeons, Singapore
Dr Aung Tin President, College of Ophthalmologists
Dr Shum Jin-Wen, Eugene President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians
Dr Tan Eng King Chair, Chapter of Clinician Scientists
Dr Venkataraman Anantharaman                        Chair, Chapter of Emergency Physicians
Dr Cuthbert Teo Chair, Chapter of Pathologists
Dr Ng Beng Yeong Chair, Chapter of Psychiatrists



Dr Tan Eng King Editor, Annals    



Ms Junia Heng
Executive Director
Academy of Medicine, Singapore
DID: (65) 6593 7878 | Fax: (65) 6593 7880
Email: junia_heng@ams.edu.sg

About the Academy of Medicine, Singapore
The Academy of Medicine, Singapore, is a professional institution of medical and dental specialists devoted to advancing the art and science of medicine in Singapore through undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate medical education; maintenance of high standards of competency and ethical integrity through continuous professional development as well as dissemination of information and knowledge to the public on matters related to health. The vision  of  the  Academy  is  to  be  the  leading  institution  for  postgraduate  medical  education  and  professional development of medical specialists in the region. From a membership of 75 in 1969, the Academy has now grown with a total membership base of over 2,400 members in eight Colleges and four Chapters.


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