24 Feb 2021


Chapter of Neonatologists, CPCHS




a) Dr Victor Samuel Rajadurai, Chairman of the 2019 to 2021 Chapter Specialty Board, will complete his four consecutive years of office on the Board at the 9th AGM. He is not eligible for re-nomination to serve on the Board as Chairman for the term 2021 to 2023.


b) Please refer to Articles of Association (Article 55) which is reproduced below:

The term of each Board/Executive Committee shall be 2 years. Each Fellow of the College shall not serve in the Board/Executive Committee for more than eight years. As for the Chairman, the maximum term of office is 4 years.


c) Please refer to By-Laws (Article 14.2) which is reproduced below:
Chairman of each Chapter shall be nominated and elected, once in 2 years, before the Chapters and College AGMs. In the year with election, Secretary of the College will send out notice one (1) month before the Chapters’ AGM to Fellows of each Chapter for nomination of the respective Chapter Chairman.


If 2 or more nominations are received, an electronic ballot will be carried out to elect the Chairman of the Chapter. The candidate with the majority vote will be declared Chairman of the Chapter. He/she will take office at Chapter AGM.


During Chapter AGM, Vice-Chairman, Secretary, and 4 Chapter Specialty Board Member will be proposed and seconded. Election will follow on a simple majority vote of the member, either by show of hands, or, subject to the agreement of the majority of voting members present, by secret ballot. In the event of a tie, the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.


President of the College, upon the recommendation of the Chairman of the Chapter, shall appoint the rest of the members to the Board.


d) Nominations are now invited to fill the one (1) seat to be vacated by the retiring Chairman. The Nomination Form is enclosed. The completed form should reach the Honorary Secretary at the College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Singapore, 81 Kim Keat Road, #11-00 NKF Centre, Singapore 328836 by Monday, 15 March 2021 at 5:00pm sharp. The completed nomination form can be returned via post, fax or email. If more than one nomination is received, an electronic ballot will be conducted. Otherwise, the single nominated Fellow will be declared elected at the 9th AGM of the Chapter.


Thank you.

Yours sincerely

Dr Khoo Poh Choo

Honorary Secretary