2 Jun 2014


Dear Fellows




Nominations are invited from Fellows of the College for the post of President-Elect.  Only elected Council Members shall be eligible for the post. If more than one nomination is received, a postal ballot will be conducted. The President-Elect shall take office as President on completion of the term of the incumbent President. The President so elected shall serve a term of two years as President and a further term as Immediate Past President on the Council.


The list of eligible elected Council Members for the term 2014-2015 are:


1. Dr Chan Choong Meng
2. Dr Lee Lai Heng
3. Dr Lye Chien Boon David
4. Dr Sum Chee Fang
5. Dr Toh Han Chong
6. Dr Yim Heng Boon


Kindly submit your nomination using the enclosed Nomination Form. The completed form should reach the College at 81 Kim Keat Road, NKF Centre #11-00, Singapore 328836 by Monday, 16 June 2014 at 1700 hours. 


Yours sincerely,

Dr Tay Jam Chin
President (2013-2015)