18 Jun 2014


Dear Fellows




At the close of the nomination deadline, 16 June 2014, 1700 hours, the following nomination for the post of President-Elect was received:


Candidate Proposer Seconder
Dr Chan Choong Meng Dr Tay Jam Chin Dr Wong Kok Seng


As there was only one nomination received, no postal ballot is required. I am pleased to announce that Dr Chan Choong Meng is duly elected as the President-Elect for the term 2014 – 2015.


Dr Chan Choong Meng will serve as the President for the term 2015-2017 and Immediate Past President for the term 2017-2018.


Please join me in congratulating Dr Chan on his appointment.


Yours sincerely


Dr Tay Jam Chin
President (2013-2015)