5 May 2017

At the close of the nomination deadline, the Council received and accepted nominations from four Fellows for election as Council Members for the term 2017-2019. As there were only three vacancies available, a postal ballot was conducted for Fellows of the College to cast their votes. 


By the voting deadline on 3 May 2017 at 1700 hours, a total of 356 returned ballot cards were received out of 825 ballot cards that were sent out.  Out of these, 23 cards were invalid (21 cards belonged to FAMS with arrears and 2 were disqualified).  The number of valid ballot cards was 333.


The counting of votes took place at 1800 hours on 3 May 2017 at the Academy’s office.  The counting of votes was conducted in the presence of two scrutineers, Dr Chan Choong Meng and Dr Sum Chee Fang.


The summary of the results is as follows:


Name of Candidate No. of Votes
Dr Chan Peng Chew Mark 227
Dr Kee Yi Shern Terence 217
Dr Lau Tang Ching 268
Dr Lim Chun Leng Michael 88


Pursuant to Article 38 of the College’s Constitution, the candidates up to the number of vacancies who received the most votes shall be declared elected.


The following candidates shall be duly elected into the 2017-2019 Council:
1. Dr Chan Peng Chew Mark
2. Dr Kee Yi Shern Terence
3. Dr Lau Tang Ching