31 Dec 2018


Strategic Roadmap for Ophthalmology – Models for Future Eye Care in Singapore Executive Summary


According to the Singapore population white paper published in January 2013, Singapore’s total population could range between 6.5 and 6.9 million by 2030. The number of citizens aged 65 and above will also triple to 900,000 by 2030.


Along with aging population, ophthalmology is undergoing significant transformation. We are seeing more patients with aging conditions and chronic diseases, with a significant increase in demand for eye care in the country. Concurrently, with increasing cost, it has been suggested that a large part of our eye care can be coordinated in the community setting, perhaps by non-ophthalmologists (e.g. primary care setting by optometrists, non-specialists). It is also unclear if training more specialist ophthalmologists practicing in specialist eye clinics, is the only way forward to address the increasing eye care needs of Singapore.


With this scenario in mind, the College of Ophthalmologists, Academy of Medicine Singapore (AMS) is preparing a “Strategic Roadmap for Ophthalmology” that will guide how eye care will be provided to Singaporeans in the future. To kick start this initiative, a report on the overall vision for eye care in Singapore and recommendations on efforts to achieve this vision, has been drafted and will be submitted ultimately, to both the Academy and the Ministry of Health Singapore, for information and sharing.


In line with this report, a survey has been conducted to identify the current challenges of ophthalmology and those by the year 2030 as well as the possible changes in current model(s) of eye care to help ease the challenges. Respondents were also encouraged to provide feedback on proposed improvements and initiatives. Responses were collated from three groups of respondents; ophthalmologists, general practitioners (GPs) and polyclinics, as well as chairmen of medical boards (CMBs) of the various institutions, to achieve a wider representation of the local eye health care landscape.


This report contains the summarized responses from respondents on current and future challenges, proposed improvements to the current model(s) of eye care, and other initiatives that can be undertaken to meet the future needs in both the public and private sectors.


The eBook for the “Strategic Roadmap for Ophthalmology: Models for Future Eyecare in Singapore Executive Summary” has been completed in December 2018.


Click here to view the PDF version of the report.