4 Dec 2018

We are pleased to update you on the development of the ‘Robert Loh Professorship in Clinical Innovation in Ophthalmology’ since its launch in 2017.  A slight adjustment has been made to the Professorship, now known as The Robert Loh Faculty Scholar Programme in Ophthalmology, but the intention nevertheless remains – to honour Dr Loh’s pioneering work, his selfless contribution and his impactful contribution. 


This esteemed scholar position will be awarded to an Assistant Professor who is also an emerging investigator which will assist him during the early research career into medical breakthroughs.  The award will seed the foundation of the awardee’s medical research career, mirroring Dr Loh’s nurturing spirit.


The Robert Loh Faculty Scholar Programme in Ophthalmology is a collaborative effort between the Academy of Medicine, the College of Ophthalmologists, the Singapore Society of Ophthalmology and Duke-NUS, National University of Singapore. For a Faculty Scholar Programme, we will need to raise S$625,000.  The Singapore National Eye Centre will match with an equivalent donation of $625,000, thus cumulating a total of $1.25 million.  We hope this will further attract a matching grant from the Ministry of Education to yield the final amount of $2.5 million for the Programme.


Aside from humanitarian mission and the faculty scholar programme, support from Fellows will provide the resources required to establish and fund the Academy’s Robert Loh Lectureship Series in perpetuity. In addition to a 2.5 times tax deduction on cash donations, Academy members will be invited to nominate the candidates for the Lectureship series. Selection of the lecturers will then be undertaken by the Academy Council, on recommendation of the Board of Censors.


Your donation, in any amount, will make a significant difference in advancing eye care delivery, saving sight and transforming the lives of patients. Your support will also contribute towards the Nation’s strive for continued excellence in clinical innovation, paving the way for groundbreaking research in the field of Ophthalmology and enhance the reputation of Singapore Ophthalmology as a leading center of excellence, internationally.   


The Academy shall be honored and grateful for your generous contribution towards the establishment of the Lectureship Series, which is part of the Robert Loh Faculty Scholar Programme in Ophthalmology, honoring the immeasurable efforts of the late Dr Robert Loh, for whom, Ophthalmology was his passion and career-long discipline.


For more information on the programmes and the donation form, please click here:
Brief Overview: The Robert Loh Faculty Scholar Programme in Ophthalmology
E-Flyer: Saving Sight through Clinical Innovation & Donation Form


We need your support.


Academy of Medicine, Singapore


President, College of Ophthalmologists
Academy of Medicine, Singapore