21 Oct 2017

As a partner in the Global World Thrombosis Day Movement, the Chapter of Haematologists, College of Physicians Singapore and Academy of Medicine Singapore will be organising a World Thrombosis Day Forum 2017 on 21 October 2017, 11am – 5pm at the Academia.

This year’s forum focuses on education of medical personnel and is targeted at residents, doctors from medical and surgical specialties as well as GPs.  The lecture topics are chosen to fill the gaps in education for best practice and treatment of thrombotic diseases.

The World Thrombosis Day (WTD) is an educational campaign aimed at reducing the significant burden caused by thrombosis.  Created and led by the International Society on Thrombosis and Haemostasis (ISTH), WTD is a truly global collaboration carried out by scores of local, regional, national and international organizations and advocates.  Through educational and community events and publicity, WTD raises awareness of thrombosis and better management of thrombotic diseases.

We look forward to your support for this meaningful event to help better manage thrombotic diseases and save lives.  We would appreciate it if you could assist to publicize this event to the doctors, residents and trainees in your hospitals and institutions.

If you have any further enquiries, please contact the Secretariat, Ms Ernie Marlena, at 6593 7804 or email: cps@ams.edu.sg.

Thank you.

Best regards

Organizing Chair
World Thrombosis Day Forum 2017