LIM Shih Hui

Master (2012-2016)
Academy of Medicine, Singapore



31 October 2012


Dear Fellow Academicians


Let me begin with a special appreciation to a group of Fellows whose contributions to the Academy which I acknowledge are often overlooked.


1. Special Appreciation to Members of the Academy's Standing Committees


As a professional organisation, the Academy is constantly challenged to stay relevant and updated in a healthcare landscape that is ever-evolving.  We are privileged to have a fraternity of committed Fellows who volunteered their time and service on the various Standing Committees of the Academy, making it possible for the Academy to uphold its mission and to deliver its purpose.


The Academy Council is supported by its Standing Committees with oversight responsibility over key pivotal functions namely Audit, Constitutional Review, Continuing Professional Development, Finance, Membership, Postgraduate Medical Education, Professional Affairs, Publications (Annals), Search, and Specialist Training and Examination. Members, who serve on the Standing Committees, take on the important responsibility of monitoring, reviewing and directing the programmes and activities under their jurisdiction. 


While there are scores of altruistic reasons why our Fellow Academicians stepped up to serve, many of us do so because we aspire to give back to medicine what medicine had given us; we hope to contribute to the betterment of medicine, improve professional standards, and make a difference in patient care. The Academy and Fellows alike have benefitted immensely from the fruits of these aspirations and commitment.  For without the unstinting support and dedicated service of these Fellows, it would be inconceivable how the Academy could deliver its duty and obligations.  Therefore, it gives me pleasure to record our heartfelt thanks and appreciation to every one of them!


On this note, I would also like to call upon our younger Fellows to come forward and carry the torch.  It has been said “the highest of distinctions is service to others.”  The Academy and our Colleges need you.


2. Professional and Expert Opinions


I would also like to report the important work that the Academy and our Fellows undertake in the area of Professional Affairs.


Just this year, the Academy received 25 requests from MOH and provided professional opinions and recommendations in the following areas:-


  • Clinical practice guidelines
  • Professional standards
  • Adoption and utilisation of new technologies
  • Development and practice of specialties and subspecialties
  • Verification of foreign visiting experts


The Academy also provides professional guidance to Non‐Governmental Organizations and other statutory boards that seek its assistance.  For example, the Academy receives and coordinates Independent Medical Expert (IME) opinion requests for Coroner Cases from the Singapore Police Force since November 2004.  The expert opinion is non‐bias and free of conflict of interest, which assist in the investigations of the patient’s demise.  For this year, we have coordinated 42 IME cases to-date.


3. 1st Singapore International Public Health Conference


The 1st Singapore International Public Health Conference, jointly organised by the Chapter of Public Health and Occupational Physicians, Academy of Medicine Singapore (now renamed as College of PHOP, vide infra) and Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore, was held on 1-2 October at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.


The conference, led by Co-Chairs Dr Benjamin Ng and Dr Lim Yee Wei, centred on “Translating Public Health Research into Practice”, reflecting the need to respond to the rapidly changing healthcare environment and ever-evolving diseases and demographics, with evidence-based programmes.  I am glad to note that the 2-day conference, featuring a notable faculty of local, regional and international speakers, enjoyed more than 500 delegates in attendance. 


For our Fellow Academicians who wish to be updated on the challenges and future of public health, both academic bodies have kindly made the lecture materials available on the conference website.


4. Inauguration of the College of Public Health and Occupational Physicians, Academy of Medicine, Singapore


With the 1st Singapore International Public Health Conference successfully completed, I am pleased to note that the newly formed College of Public Health and Occupational Physicians (formerly a Chapter under the Academy) is poised to hold its first Inaugural General Meeting in early February 2013.   We look forward to the new College for more exciting news and updates.


5. Launch of Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on Dental Implants in Edentulism


The Academy of Medicine, Singapore and the Ministry of Health launched a joint Clinical Practice Guidelines (CPG) on Dental Implants in Edentulism on 6 October 2012 at the National Dental Centre. 


Proposed by the College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore (CDSS), the guidelines aim to provide a framework to guide dental healthcare professionals in their quest to give evidence-based care to their patients on implant dentistry as dental implants are fast becoming an integral part of dental practice in Singapore.  A working committee, chaired by Dr Chan Siew Luen, comprising general dental practitioners, endodontists, oral and maxillofacial surgeons, orthodontists, periodontists and prosthodontists formulated the CPG by reviewing published international guidelines and current evidence available in the research and clinical practice literature.  


The CPG was very well received as more than 210 participants from the dental community, along with Dr Patrick Tseng, Chief Dental Officer, Ministry of Health Singapore, attended the launch programme.  It is hoped that the guidelines will help dentists in making evidence based clinical decisions in their management of edentulism with dental implants.


6. Academy of Medicine, Singapore Visiting Academician and Lecturer


I am pleased to give an update on the lectureships awarded by the Academy in October:-


  • Visiting Lecturer was awarded to Dr Marc J. van de Vijver (Head, Department of Pathology, The Netherlands Cancer Institute) who lectured on “Breast Pathology” on 9 October at the Singapore General Hospital.
  • Visiting Academician was awarded to Dr Alastair Burt (Dean of Clinical Medicine and Professor of Pathology, Newcastle University) who delivered a lecture on “Autoimmune Liver Diseases: Variation Upon a Theme” on 20 October at the Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel.


7. Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration Fundraising Campaign


I have encouraging news from our Steering Committee for the Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration Fundraising Campaign.  To-date, the Academy has received donations of $63,400.00 in support of the cause.


We hope to reach our target of $400,000.00 when the next Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration is delivered on 23 August 2013.


Best Wishes


Dr LIM Shih Hui


Academy of Medicine, Singapore


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