By Dr Marielle Fortier & Dr Tan Cher Heng - May 2013


The MRI abdomen and pelvis course (intermediate level) was held in Jakarta from 3-5 May 2013. We were invited to deliver lectures on renal mass, prostate and gynaecological MRI. The hosts were from the Indonesian Society of Radiology and the course was sponsored by GE healthcare.


Indonesia has seen an increase in installed MRI scanners over the past few years, with many hospitals having acquired high field strength magnets capable of performing state of the art abdominal and pelvic MRI. This was the motivation behind the organisation of the course.


The course was well attended, with approximately 30 participants. All the attendees found the lectures useful. The question and answer sessions were particularly helpful in clarifying their doubts. Most of the participants were interested to develop the abdominal and pelvic MRI service in their own hospitals, hence the focus of the course was more on the practical applications and areas such as how to interpret common findings.


The hosts were extremely hospitable. In particular, Dr Patricia Widjaja, who is well known in the local community as well as amongst some Singaporean radiologists, was kind in ensuring our safe transport within Jakarta.


The exchange between us and the Indonesian radiologists was very fruitful. They were able to understand and converse effectively with us in English, and we hope that such an arrangement can continue in time to come.


Dr Marielle Fortier sharing her lecture with the participants.


Dr Tan Cher Heng sharing his lecture with the participants.


Photograph taken with the President and other members of the International Society of Radiology, along with us, and the course participants.


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