By Dr Tan Cher Heng - November 2013

The College of Radiologists Singapore (CRS) participated for a second time in the Pre-Congress symposium at the Chatrium Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar on 5 and 6 November 2013. This event was co-organized with the Myanmar Radiological Society (MRS) with support from Meditech and Siemens.


Prof Vincent Chong delivering the opening address of the second pre-MRS symposium (2013).


The delegates from the College included Prof Vincent Chong, A/Prof Tan Bien Soo and Dr Shoen Low, who were faculty at the first symposium in 2012. New faculty were Dr Louis Elizabeth Gartner and Dr Tan Cher Heng.


For this year's symposium, we also had the pleasure of inviting Prof Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, Head of the Radiology Department at the German Cancer Research Center, to share his knowledge with the participants.


Prof Heinz-Peter Schlemmer, delivering his lecture.


In this year's symposium, the speakers included not just CT, but also MR imaging in their topics, with focus on diseases related to infection and inflammation. In line with the vision laid out by Dr Vincent Chong in 2012, the pre-Congress symposium is on track to introducing more topics on MR imaging for the upcoming one in 2014.




5 November 2013  
CT in Pulmonary Infections Dr Shoen Low
Principles of Detection and Characterization of Lung Nodules by CT Prof Heinz-Peter Schlemmer
Clinical Cases of Lung Nodules with CT Morphologic - Pathologic Correlation Prof Heinz-Peter Schlemmer
MSK Infection Dr Louis Elizabeth Gartner
Intracranial Infection Prof Vincent Chong
Tuberculosis: Extra Pulmonary Manifestations Dr Tan Cher Heng
Infection & Inflammation (Often presenting in Emergency Department)
CT in Acute Abdomen Dr Shoen Low
Acute Pancreatitis: Autoimmune or Not? Dr Tan Cher Heng
Head & Neck Infections with Intracranial Complications Prof Vincent Chong
Topics of Special Interest  
Spondyloarthropathies Dr Louis Elizabeth Gartner
Imaging of Gallbladder Disease

Dr Tan Cher Heng

CT in the Diagnosis of Vascular Inflammatory & Infective Conditions A/Prof Tan Bien Soo
6 November 2013  
Tumours and Disease Spread  
Interesting cases of abdominal malignancies Prof Heinz-Peter Schlemmer
MSK Tumours Dr Louis Elizabeth Gartner
Pathways of Extra Pelvic Spread of Pelvic Disease Dr Tan Cher Heng
Topics of Special Interest  
Controversies in Radiation Dose and Contrast Material Dr Shoen Low
CT for the Kidneys and Urinary System Dr Shoen Low
The Role of CT Interventions in Infections A/Prof Tan Bien Soo


Under the leadership of Prof Lin Tun Tun, Prof Vincent Chong and A/Prof Tan Bien Soo, the MRS pre-Congress symposium continues to be a great success with good feedback received from the participants.


At Chatrium Hotel with all participants of the symposium.


Successful closing of the pre-Congress symposium (2013).

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