By Dr Shoen Low - November 2012


The College of Radiologists Singapore (CRS) recently participated in the Pre-Congress CT symposium at the Chatrium Hotel, Yangon, Myanmar on 6-7 November 2012. This event was co-organized with the Myanmar Radiological Society (MRS) with support from Meditech and Siemens. Dr Vincent Chong together with Dr Tan Bien Soo was instrumental in liaising with MRS and the organization of this symposium.


The delegates from the College were Dr Vincent Chong, Dr Tan Bien Soo, Dr Quek Swee Tian, Dr Gregory Kaw, Dr Shoen Low.


Lectures delivered:


6 November 2012

CT in Emergency Radiology  
CT imaging in acute abdominal pain Dr Shoen Low
CTA for acute mesenteric bleeding Dr Tan Bien Soo
Stroke-CT is still the modality of choice Prof Vincent Chong
CT in “Painful Disorders”  
MDCT in spinal disorders A/Prof Quek Swee Tian
CTA of lower limbs Dr Tan Bien Soo
Head injuries Prof Vincent Chong
CT in Chest Conditions  
High resolution lung CT – Part 1 Dr Gregory Kaw
High resolution lung CT – Part 2 Dr Gregory Kaw
CTA of the aorta Dr Tan Bien Soo
Special Topics  
CT in lung cancer staging A/Prof Quek Swee Tian
Incidental pulmonary nodules detected on CT. What do we do? Dr Gregory Kaw

Controversies in contrast and radiation dose

Dr Shoen Low


7 November 2012

Body and Chest Imaging  
Urogenital Imaging Dr Shoen Low
CT thorax in collagen vascular diseases Dr Gregory Kaw
Hepatobiliary Imaging Dr Shoen Low
Special Topics  
CT imaging in the appendicular skeleton A/Prof Quek Swee Tian
Head and neck infection Prof Vincent Chong
CT guided interventions: How I do it Dr Tan Bien Soo


The symposium was very well received with enthusiastic feedback from the participants to have a similar event next year.

With the possibility of the continued participation of the CRS in this annual symposium, Dr Vincent Chong has given a proposal.

“We should perhaps plan, a say 3-year program. This will give us some direction and strategic focus ensure an agreed desired outcome of all our efforts (and investment). Next year it could be, as suggested above, a symposium on infection and inflammatory diseases (2013). By 2014, there could already be enough of MRI installations to hold an MRI symposium [targeted at beginner to intermediate level (2014)]. With CT and MRI covered to some extent, we could do a Cancer Symposium in 2015.“

Dr Tan Bien Soo has expressed gratitude to the hosts on behalf of the faculty and the CRS for the successful running of the pre-congress symposium.

“On behalf of the faculty, Vincent and I would like to thank Prof Lin Tun Tun and the MRS for collaborating with us and the College of Radiologist, Singapore. We were extremely impressed with the enthusiasm and interest of the participants.

We would also like to thank Siemens and Meditech for the fantastic support for the Symposium, without which we couldn't have run the programme. We were very touched by the warm hospitality shown by our Myanmar hosts and friends.”


The 10th Myanmar Radiological Society meeting was held at the same venue on 8 to 10 November 2012.


Invited lectures from Singapore:  
Interventional Radiology in Central Venous Obstruction Dr Tan Bien Soo
Cardiac MRI: is it a one-stop-shop in cardiac imaging Dr Shoen Low
MR imaging in Gynaecological malignancies A/Prof Quek Swee Tian
The role of interventional radiology in the obstetric patient Dr Tan Bien Soo

Diagnostic Radiology training in Singapore

(Evolving to meet a Nation's need)

Dr Tan Bien Soo
Radionuclide imaging in endocrinology Dr Felix Sundram
Advances in neuroimaging for brain tumours Dr Tchoyoson Lim
Theronostics of differentiated thyroid cancer Dr A K Padhy
Recent developments in stroke imaging Dr Tchoyoson Lim


Matters arising:

The president of the MRS, Professor Lin Tun Tun has shared that Burmese radiologists are looking for fellowship training posts overseas. These should be ‘hands-on’ for a duration of 6 months. MRS is enquiring if any of our local radiology departments will be able to accommodate these fellows. For further information, please contact



At Chatrium Hotel with participants of the symposium

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