By Dr Tchoyoson Lim - March 2013


Myanmar has recently undergone many exciting new developments, including in health care and medical imaging. Long neglected, new imaging equipment is being acquired by public hospitals in Myanmar as a result of funding catching up to modern standards. Prof Lin Tun Tun, President of the Myanmar Radiological Society (MRS) has been working tirelessly to improve the radiological services and education in Myanmar, and has had a good relationship with many Singapore radiologists for many years. He has encouraged mutual visits and ongoing exchanges, and recently spoke about the plight of radiologists in his country at the 2013 SRS-CRS 22nd Annual Scientific Meeting.


Fig 1: Prof Lin Tun Tun [left] with Dr Tchoyoson Lim


On 17 March 2013, MRS invited CRS to send a representative to conduct a one-day MR Neuroimaging Symposium. This was well-attended even on a Sunday, with a full-day presentation on various topics by Dr Tchoyoson Lim on MRI topics including anatomy, infection, spinal disease, metabolic disease, and pediatric neuroimaging. Since the content was quite dense over an entire day, an attempt was made at light-hearted recall MCQ quizzes and revisions, which was well-received by the attendees, who at the end of the day were quite happy to chorus out the answer without recourse to the prepared audience-response system using colored cards.


Fig 2: Dr Tchoyoson Lim with a series of talks and quizzes


Fig 3: High-tech audience recordings using smartphones, cameras and tablets are commonplace


CRS hopes that we will continue to have a successful good long-term relationship, and that Fellows can contribute our experience and goodwill, so that the sustained collaboration between CRS and MRS will bear fruit in the long run and build bridges with our neighbor nations.


Fig 4: A wish for the future relationships


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