16 Jan 2021



College of Clinician Scientists meets Straits Times


Straits Times met up with four Fellows from College of Clinician Scientists on 29 November 2020 to discuss the perspectives from the College on how COVID-19 would impact the future of healthcare in Singapore. This is a follow-up from the recent COVID-19 Research Seminar 2020 held over webinar on 12-13th November 2020, “What is the Future for healthcare under COVID-19?” organized by the College of Clinician Scientists, Academy of Medicine Singapore.


Professor Pierce Chow (President), Associate Professor Mahesh Choolani (President Elect), Associate Professor David Lye (Fellow), Assistant Professor Wan-Yee Teo (Council), representing different fields in medicine, discussed healthcare changes/observations with COVID-19 pandemic with Straits Times reporter, to make a prediction for our future healthcare landscape. The consensus is that (1) technology such as robots, internet-enabled devices from pandemic times will be increasingly incorporated into our healthcare and better manage patient flow, hospital bed availability (2) pandemic has accelerated collaboration across disciplines from medicine, engineering and data science (3) administrative processes for clinical trials can be streamlined and shortened, a good example is the Remdesivir treatment trial which was completed in 54 days instead of years, presented by NIH expert Dr John Beigel during the recent COVID-19 Research Seminar 2020. Read article “Insights: Singapore resets.”


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