Intensive Care Medicine is one of the five recognised subspecialties in Singapore. The formation of the Chapter of Intensivists was passed at the 36th Annual General Meeting of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore on 14 June 2014.



  1. Set the standard for ICM and to ensure the maintenance of this standardised level of high-quality care.
  2. Provide a platform and opportunity for intensivists and non-ICM specialists to meet so as to exchange knowledge and research advances.
  3. To provide Staff Registrar Scheme (SRS) Diploma in ICM so as to enable our public sector healthcare institutions to employ doctors who are not specialists but are able to provide a middle level of service equivalent to that provided by a registrar.
  4. To collaborate with regional and international ICM or critical care organizations.
  5. To provide independent expert opinions/reports relating to intensive care medicine issues as requested by the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders.
  6. To promote and organise CPD events related to intensive care medicine.