Staff Registrar Scheme Diploma (SRS)


Cardiothoracic Surgery

In early 2007, the Ministry of Health (MOH), based on a proposal from the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (AMS), proposed setting up a Staff Registrar Scheme (SRS), to train and employ doctors who are not specialists but are able to provide a middle level of service equivalent to that provided by a registrar or senior registrar.


Such a scheme can also accommodate foreign doctors whose specialist degrees are not recognised by the Singapore Accreditation Board and whose medical schools are not recognised by the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). This scheme also accepts local doctors who neither want to be General Practitioners nor Specialists but prefer to work long-term in public hospitals and be promoted along the career path of a registrar.


The SRS programme for Cardiothoracic Surgery will be conducted by the Chapter of Cardiothoracic Surgeons, College of Surgeons, Singapore together with AMS from June 2008. The SRS programme will enhance the capabilities of hospitals providing cardiothoracic surgical services as qualified staff registrars will be able to assist in cardiac operations and manage the cardiothoracic intensive care unit.


Current temporarily-registered doctors will be able to extend their temporary registration with SMC upon confirmation of acceptance into this SRS programme. Upon graduating from this diploma programme, the temporarily-registered doctor will be conditionally-registered and able to continue to practice in Singapore.


Course Duration 3 years
Course Objectives
  • Provide an alternative career track for local Medical Officers (MOs) or Clinical Associates (CAs) who are not keen to go through specialist training and would like to have a long-term career in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Provide a structured training for eligible foreign-trained doctors who wish to receive advanced training in Cardiothoracic Surgery
  • Provide an avenue for institutions to retain good, temporarily-registered (service) doctors, by providing training to enable them to assist in cardiac operations and manage the cardiothoracic intensive care unit
Exam format

Trainees will be assessed in the following manner:

End of Year 1 - Viva

End of Year 2 - Appraisal by supervisor & Viva

End of Year 3 - Appraisal by supervisor & Final exam consisting of Viva and Presentation of clinical case studies (both long and short cases)

Applications for the 3rd Intake in 2013 will open from May to June 2013
Targeted Commencement September 2013
Download Application Form Brochure
For more information, please contact:
Ms Belinda Chong
DID: 6593 7803

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