Chapter Connection is a newsletter specially brought to you by the Chapter of General Surgeons under the auspice of the College of Surgeons, Singapore. The Board of the Chapter of General Surgeons is well represented with members from different institutions and this would mean that you could find the latest happenings of the general surgery community of these institutions in this newsletter. This newsletter is published quarterly and will be of free distribution to the Members of the Chapter of General Surgeons. The Board of the Chapter of General Surgeons has also decided to extend this free distribution of Chapter Connection to the registrars/house officers/medical officers in the Department of General Surgery in the various public hospitals based on goodwill.


Any surgeons in the general surgery community who are interested to contribute any scientific or non-scientific contents to the Chapter Connection are welcome to contact the College Secretariat for more information.


Interested healthcare partners who would like to advertise in the Chapter Connection are also welcome to contact the College of Surgeons, Singapore for more information.


1st Issue - January 2008 

5th Issue - January 2009

9th Issue - January 2010

13th Issue - January 2011

2nd Issue - April 2008 6th Issue - April 2009 10th Issue - April 2010 14th Issue - April 2011
3rd Issue - July 2008 7th Issue - July 2009 11th Issue - July 2010  
4th Issue - October 2008 8th Issue - October 2009 12th Issue - October 2010