The Chapter of Clinician Educators (CCE) was formed in 2013. Training, assessment and certification of future specialists are important objectives of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore, which resolves to maintain the highest level of standards in medical competency and integrity and aims to advance the art and science of medicine in Singapore through postgraduate specialist training.


This conversion from chapter to college is a reflection of the development and progression of the state of clinical education in Singapore. As a non-independent college under the Academy, the college shall be more enabled to develop new, purposeful and synergistic initiatives such as specific and targeted training and certification programs in sub-specialties related clinical education,credentialing of CEs involved in specialist training and closer collaboration with overseas colleges and institutions anchoring medical education and academies.


The College of Clinician Educators hopes to bring together all specialists in public institutions and the private sector interested in medical education to support the national medical education agenda.


The College encourages suitably qualified Fellows of the Academy to become a member of the College of Clinician Educators. The application criteria are as follows:

  1. To be become a member of the College of Clinician Educators, the applicant must already be a Fellow (FAMS) or Ordinary Member of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and belong to a College/Chapter.
  2. Applicant must be willing to take part in, and contribute to, planned educational activities of the College of Clinician Educators.
  3. Applicant must be involved in any of the following educational activities:
  • Currently spending at least 10 percent of time in clinical teachning.
  • Recognised as a Clinician Educator in any public health institution.
  • Taking educational leadership roles or appointed education administrator.
  • Have a past track record in teaching.


The Objectives of the College are:

  • Pedagogical up-skilling
  • Engagement and recognition of outstanding educators
  • Advocacy for clinical educators
  • To serve an advisory and think tank role
  • Foster a culture of innovation and education scholarship


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