College of Clinician Educators (CCE) is a non-independent college under the Academy. The aim of the college is to bring together all specialists in public institutions and the private sector interested in medical education to support the national medical education agenda.


As a non-independent college under the Academy, the CCE is focused on developing purposeful and synergistic initiatives in clinical education. These would be in areas such as training certification, credentialing of Clinician Educators and developing closer collaboration with overseas colleges, academies and institutions anchoring medical education.


The Objectives of the College are:

  • Pedagogical up-skilling
  • Engagement and recognition of outstanding educators
  • Advocacy for clinical educators
  • To serve an advisory and think tank role
  • Foster a culture of innovation and education scholarship


History of the College

The College was established in 2017 from the Chapter of Clinician Educators. The chapter was created in 2013. This conversion from chapter to college is a reflection of the development and progression of the state of clinical education in Singapore.


The inaugural Chapter consisted of the following office bearers:


Chairman: A/Prof Erle Lim
Vice Chairman: A/Prof Tham Kum Ying
Secretary: Dr Dujeepa Samarasekara
Ex Officio: Prof Lim Shih Hui
Committee Members: Prof Chay Oh Moh
  A/Prof Abhilash Balakrishnan
A/Prof Nigel Tan
Dr Ian Yeo
Dr Mabel Yap
Prof Vernon Oh


The first elected Council of the College consisted of the following:


President: Dr Dujeepa Samarasekara
Vice-President: A/Prof Tham Kum Ying
Honorary Treasurer: Dr Yip Chee Chew
Honorary Secretariat: A/Prof Abhilash Balakrishnan
Council Members Dr Lim Wee Shiong
  Dr Nigel Tan Choon Kiat
  Dr Tay Sook Muay
Co-opted Members: Dr Kevin Tan
  Dr Yong Wei Sean
Dr Mabel Yap


Coat of Arms and Motto

The Coat of Arms of the College of Clinician Educators consists of a shield supported by a lion and an eagle on each side. The lion represents Singapore as well as the determination and courage in the face of challenges. The eagle symbolises wisdom, integrity, and the teaching profession. The elements in the shield consist of the rod of Asclepius, symbolising the medical profession; the open book symbolises active learning and education, and the tree symbolises growth and continual renewal and improvement. In the colours of the Coat of Arms, Red denotes energy, passion, and strength; Purplish blue denotes harmony, unity, trust, truth, confidence, wisdom and enlightenment; Gold denotes wealth and richness; and Green colour stands for renewal, vigour, and generosity. On top of the shield is the banner "College of Clinician Educators". Below the shield is a banner inscribed with Latin words Disce, Educandi, Oraculi highlighting the key attributes of educators - Learn, Educate, and Mentor.


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