Dental Specialist Accreditation Exit Assessment 

The Dental Specialist Accreditation Board (DSAB) has appointed the College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore (CDSS), to form a Joint Committee for Dental Specialist Accreditation (JCDSA), whose function is to appoint and oversee the functions of the Dental Specialist Accreditation Committees (DSAC) for the respective specialties.


All dentists who wish to register as specialists with the Singapore Dental Council are required to fulfill the requirements as spelt out in the DSAB website. There will be a two-stage process of accreditation.


The first stage involves submission of an application form and assessment material such as log book and case reports as stipulated for the various specialties. This must be accompanied by a signed declaration form declaring that all cases included in the log book and case reports are patients managed by the applicant and that all records are authentic. Only when the submissions are assessed as having fulfilled the requirements will the applicant be invited to proceed to the next stage.


The second stage is an exit interview. This will be conducted in accordance with the stipulations under each specialty.


Applications received by the online submission deadline do not translate to fulfilment of accreditation requirements or eligibility and is not a guarantee of an exit interview at the next scheduled assessment.


It is the onus of the applicants to ensure that they have requested and received recognition and certification of their qualifications from the DSAB, proof of which is compulsory and required to accompany their application for accreditation.


The exact date and time of interview for each eligible candidate will be allocated after the deadline for submission of application material.


Venue of Exit Interview:

Academy of Medicine,Singapore

81 Kim Keat Road, #11-00 NKF Centre, Singapore 328836


All fees are to be paid to “College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore” at the time of application for each of the above stages. Exit interview fees are to be paid upon acceptance of the invitation to present for the interview.


For further information regarding the details of the assessments, please refer to the DSAB website at


Please click here for the official announcement by the Joint Committee for Dental Specialist Accreditation.


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