The College of Clinician Scientists (which began as an independent Chapter under the Academy of Medicine in 2012) was started by Fellows of the Academy who were established clinician-scientists. They bring with them considerable experience in the development of research programmes, including collaborative initiatives with the biomedical and pharmaceutical industry, and expertise on establishing training guidelines for academic research and on the training of clinician scientists. Their vision was that a professional body within the Academy would provide collective identity for clinician-scientists, advise relevant authorities on scientific matters and the training of clinician scientists, and be the academic voice of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. The College was formally inaugurated in 2016.

Biomedical Science is one of the key pillars of Singapore’s economy and supports national healthcare. In its efforts to promote excellence in translational and clinical research and to develop an academic base to improve human health and healthcare services, the government initiated a paradigm shift in our healthcare system and allocated significant resources to develop and promote academic medicine in Singapore. The training and development of clinician researchers and scientists are major priority targets aimed at raising the standards of academic medicine locally.


The aims of the Academy of Medicine are to advance the art and science of medicine in Singapore through postgraduate specialist training, maintenance of medical standards of competency as well as continuous professional development, and arm thus aligned to the translational and clinical research initiatives.


The College has its beginnings as a Chapter in 2012. A resolution was passed at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy on 16 June 2012 on the formation of the Chapter of Clinician Scientists with 32 signatures of Fellows submitted in support of the formation. The Chapter of Clinician Scientists held its first committee meeting on 10 July 2012 at the Biomedical Research Council.

In 2016, members of the Board of the Chapter of Clinician-Scientist launched a sustained membership drive aimed at the formation of a college. A resolution was passed at the Annual General Meeting of the Academy on 11 June 2016 on the formation of the College of Clinician Scientists with 72 signatures of Fellows submitted in support of the formation.


The College encourages suitably qualified Fellows of the Academy to become a member of the College of Clinician Scientists. An applicant can qualify for Fellowship of the College through fulfilling one of three categories of criteria below:


1. Recipients of NMRC Clinician-Scientist Awards (STaR, CS or TA) who are medical specialists registered to practice in Singapore.


2. Recipients of NMRC Clinician-Scientist Awards (STaR or CS) who are not registered as specialists in Singapore: admission is on a case-by case basis and would require approval of Council and an invitation by the Master of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore.

3. Registered specialists in Singapore who do not hold NMRC STaR or CS Awards are eligible to be members of the Chapter through fulfilling the following conditions:

a. Be 1st, 2nd or last/corresponding author of at least 5 publications each with JIF equal to or greater than 5.0 on the year of publication


b. Have received at least an NIG (New Investigator Grant) or EDG (Exploratory/ Developmental Grant) or IRG (Individual Research Grant) from NMRC or equivalent.

Holders of NMRC TA Awards and other Scientists/Researchers who are not registered medical specialists in Singapore can join the College as Associate Members.


As of 1 July 2016, the College of Clinician Scientists has more than 70 members. Many Fellows also belong to another primary College or Chapter.


The College of Clinician Scientists held its Inaugural General Meeting on 26 August 2016 at the National Dental Centre Auditorium.


If you are interested to apply for membership, please click here.


College Crest and Motto


The College crest consists of four colours – gold, red, orange and green. The gold signifies generosity. The red symbolizes strength. The orange represents ambition. The green stands for hope, joy and loyalty.


The College of Clinician Scientists crest consists of a central shield comprising a book, pen, ivy, falcons and the Staff of Asclepius.


The open book symbolises the quest for education, knowledge and wisdom. The pen represents the art of writing, intellect and the pursuit of learning. The ivy, with its propensity to interweave in growth and its ability to grow in challenging environments, is a testimony to the long lasting connections and bonds formed with friends that last through the test of time. The falcon represents determination towards a goal. The powerful bird is strong and focused and carries with it the meaning of turning a vision into reality by pursuing it methodically and strategically as the falcon would pursue his hunt. The Staff of Asclepius, consisting of a serpent coiled around a staff symbolises medicine and healing.

The laurel leaves encompassing the shield symbolises peace and triumph.


The crown, a symbolic headgear worn by a monarch, sits on the shield. The crown represents honour and glory.

The banner at the bottom of the shield is inscribed with the College’s motto in Latin: Veritas vos Liberabit (The truth shall set you free).