Session Topic Speaker

Symposium 1

General Medicine

An update on indications for a thrombophilic screen

Dr Pankaj Handa

An approach to hyponatremia

Dr Suresh Sahadevan

Symposium 2


An update on oral hypoglycaemic agents

Dr Foo Joo Pin

All you need to know about reading the DXA scan

Dr Vivien Lim

An approach to endocrine hypertension

Dr Loh Lih Ming

Symposium 3

Respiratory Medicine

An update on Interventional pulmonology

Dr Akash Verma

All you need to know about thoracic ultrasound by the bedside

Dr Jansen Koh

An approach to reading lung function tests for non-pulmonologists

Dr Noel Tay

Symposium 4

Medical Oncology

An update on targeted therapies for common cancers Dr Yeo Wee Lee
An approach to cancer of unknown primary Dr Tham Chee Kian
All you need to know on cancer screening Dr Tan Min-Han
Symposium 5 Gastroenterology/Dermatology An approach to incidental liver nodule on ultrasound Dr Kieron Lim
An update on management of ascites Dr Lui Hock Foong
All you need to know on skin disorders in HIV Dr Gavin Ong
An update on psoriasis and associated comorbidities Dr Hazel Oon

Symposium 6


An approach to polyarthritis Dr Manjari Lahiri
All you need to know about SLE Dr Howe Hwee Siew
All you need to know about bleeding associated with new oral anticoagulants Dr Lee Lai Heng
An approach to managing acute leukaemia Dr Wong Gee Chuan

Symposium 7

Renal Medicine

An update on IgA nephropathy Dr Claude Jeffrey Renaud
All you need to know on renal replacement therapy in critical care Dr Manish Kaushik
An approach to haematuria and proteinuria Dr Roy Debajyoti Malakar

Symposium 8

Infectious Diseases

An update on Mantoux, TB T spot and Quantiferon Gold Dr Sophia Archuleta
All you need to know on serious infections in diabetic patients Dr Brenda Ang
An approach to acute bacterial meningitis Dr David Lye

Symposium 9

Geriatric Medicine/Palliative Medicine

An approach to managing a cognitively impaired older adult Dr Chong Mei Sian
An approach to an older adult refusing therapy and decision-making capacity Dr Mark Chan
All you need to know on palliative care in dementia Dr Koh Lip Hoe
An update on hydration and nutrition at the end of life Dr Grace Yang
Symposium 10 Neurology/Rehabilitation Medicine Neurology through clinical vignettes Dr Derek Soon
An update on spasticity in stroke patients Dr Yen Hwee Ling
All you need to know on agitation in brain injury survivors Dr K Palaniappan

Symposium 11


An update on treatment of essential hypertension Dr Daniel Yeo
All you need to know on atrial fibrillation and thromboprophylaxis Dr Eric Chong
An update on cardiac rehabiliation in contemporary clinical practice Dr Peter Ting




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