Programme Highlights:


Updates in Heart Failure Management:
SGLT2-I, Entresto and Combination Therapies
Cardio-Renal Syndrome: Updates in Management

Clinical Immunologists & Allergists
Anaphylaxis Update 2021
Hypersensitivity Drug Reactions to Biologics


Cutaneous Adverse Effects of Targeted Anti-Cancer Therapy
and Immunotherapy
The ABCs of Skin Ulcers for the Internist
Urticaria and the Urticarial Syndromes: How to Differentiate Them?

Intepreting Abnormal Thyroid Function Tests - A Case-Based Discussion
Thyroid Eye Disease - What are the Red Flags?

Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure - Changing Paradigm in Cirrhosis Management
Gut Microbiome - FMT and Beyond
Artificial Intelligence in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

General Medicine
IV Fluids - Does it Really Matter Which One We Choose?
Pre-Pregnancy Counselling for Medical Disorders
IVC Filters 0- Controversies and Consensus


Geriatric Medicine
Post Hospital Syndrome
Balancing Harm & Benefit of Treatment for Older Patients

Cancer Immunotherapy in Haematological Malignancies
Evidence-Based Role of Haemostatic Agents in the Treatment of Bleeding


Infectious Disease
Adult Vaccination: Update in the Era of COVID-19
When Shorter is Better: Debunking Myths on Antimicrobial Use

Medical Oncology
Cancer Genetics - To Test or Not to Test

Recognising Myopathy, its Causes and Management
Epilepsy Management in the Elderly
Palliative Needs of Patients with Long Term Neurological Diseases

Palliative Medicine
How to Avoid Prognostic Paralysis
Not Whether, But When & How to have the Talk
When Less is More - Deprescribing at the End of Life

Rehabilitation Medicine
Autonomic Instability Post Brain Injury
Updates on Stroke Rehabilitation - Pharmacology for Motor Recovery

Renal Medicine
SGLT2-I: A Panacea for Every Kind of Chronic Kidney Disease?
Understanding and Utilizing Kidney Failure Risk Equation Tool in
Non-Specialty Clinical Practice
Aging and Chronic Kidney Disease: Is it Just a Number Game?

Respiratory Medicine
Updates in Asthma
How to Intepret Common Lung Function Tests



IgG4 - Related Disease for the Internist
Myositis Antibodies - Guiding Treatment Outcomes
The Double-Edged Sword of Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors - A Review
of Rheumatic Immune-related Adverse Events (irAEs)

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