Programme Highlights:


Lipid Management in the Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Hypertension in Cardiovascular Disease - BP Targets and Pharmacological Management
Optimal Use of Anti-Thrombotics in Cardiovascular Disease

Clinical Immunology & Allergy
Anti-Interferon Gamma Autoantibody Associated Immunodeficiency in Adults
Delabelling Betalactam Allergy - How far do we go?


Inpatient Cutaneous Infections
Oral Muscosal Diseases
Approach to Blistering Disorders

Bone Osteoporosis
Approach to Adrenal Incidentaloma - How to Workup and How long to Monitor?

Endoscopic Management of Pancreatic Cancer
Advances in Liver Transplantation

General Medicine
Acid Base Updates for Internists; What they didnt teach you at Medical School
Choosing Wisely; Choosing an Anti-Hypertensive Agent
Anticoagulation in Chronic KIdney Disease; Is it really Beneficial/Which One?


Geriatric Medicine
Delivering Evidence-Based Care in the Home Setting
Preventing Crises and Admissions in Frail Elders

Gene Therapy for Haematology Diseases - Thalassaemia and Haemophilia
NGS for Haematology Diseases - Interpretations and Pitfalls on Myeloid Malignancies


Infectious Disease
Antibiotic Options for Difficult to Treat Infections
mABs and Antivirals for COVID-19

Medical Oncology
Harnessing the Immune System for Cancer Therapy

Secondary Stroke Prevention - How Much is Enough?
A Brief Update on Pharmacological Therapy in Early Parkinson's Disease
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Clinical Features, Diagnosis and Management

Palliative Medicine
The Last Mile: Navigating Terminal Discharge from Hospital to Home
Burnout & Resilience: Not Just Surviving but Thriving

Rehabilitation Medicine
Autonomic Instability Post Brain Injury
Updates on Stroke Rehabilitation - Pharmacology for Motor Recovery

Renal Medicine
Role of Novel Potassium Binders in the Management of Chronic Kidney Disease
Kidney Implications of Novel Anti-Cancer Agents

Recent Advances in Kidney Replacement Therapies

Respiratory Medicine
Lung Cancer Screening
Interstitial Lung Disease



Updates in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA)
A General Overview & Updates in Systemic Sclerosis (SSc)

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