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Session   Topic Speaker

Session 1

Disease Prevention
and Screening


How to Lose Weight- Latest Evidence for Anti Obesity Treatment

Dr Endean TAN

Cancer Screening Schedule- Review of International Guidelines

Dr ER Chaozer
Help Keep Grandma Out of Hospital- The Art and Science of Exercise Interventions for Falls Prevention in the Elderly Dr Adela TOW

Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease in People with Diabetes

Dr SUM Chee Fang

Session 2

Renal Disease Review


Renovascular Hypertension

Dr TAN Chieh Suai

Nephrotoxicity and Immunosuppression

Dr Terence KEE

Session 3

Infectious Disease Review


Animal Bites (Dog, Cat and Monkey)

Dr LOH Jia Shen

Insect Bites (Dengue,  Chikungunya, Zika and Tick-Borne)

Dr LEO Yee Sin

Session 4

Improving Clinical Skills

  Diagnostic Imaging: Common Misdiagnosis of X-Rays and How to Avoid Them Dr GOH Poh Sun
Interpreting Antineutrophil Cyctoplasmic Antibody (ANCA) Dr Annie LAW
Anti-Nuclear Antibody (ANA) - What You Need To Know Dr LUI Nai Lee
Elevated Haematocrit Level Dr LIM Lay Cheng
Thrombocytosis Dr ONG Kiat Hoe
Session 5  Medical Therapeutics   Drug Therapy for Diabetes Mellitus Dr Daniel CHEW
  Drug Therapy for Dementia Dr Simon TING
  Drug Therapy for Hypertension Dr Christopher LEO

Session 6


  What Makes Clinical Training on Patients Ethical Dr T THIRUMOORTHY
What Makes a Good Doctor Dr CHAN Choong Meng

Session 7

In the Clinic

  Spot Diagnosis of Common Skin Disorders Dr Martin CHIO
The Anxious Patient – Diagnosis and Management Dr Rathi MANHENDRAN
Approach to the Patient with Headache Dr Yasmin Bte Idu Jion

Session 8

Gastroenterology Disease Review

  Approach to Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease Dr George GOH

Session 9

Geriatric Medicine/ Palliative Care Review

  Osteoporosis and What to Do After a Vertebral Fracture Dr Lydia AU
Caring for the Dying in Hospital: What Every Doctor Should Know Dr Noreen CHAN
Session 10  Improving Clinical Skills   Elevated PSA Test Dr Nesaretnam KUMARAKULASINGHE
Pleural Fluid Analysis Dr Akash VERMA
Lactate in Sepsis Dr Alvin NG
Auscultation, Physical Examination and Evaluation of a Murmur Dr LING Lieng Hsi

Session 11

Medical Therapeutics

  Drug Therapy for  Tuberculosis Dr Catherine ONG
Drug Therapy for Chronic Stable Angina Dr YEO Khung Keong
  Drug Therapy for Hepatitis B and C Dr LIM Seng Gee

Session 12 


  Informed Consent 101 Ms MAK Wei Munn
Diagnostic Errors in Medicine Dr CHIONH Siok Bee


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