Physicians in Singapore are Medical Specialists in field of Adult Internal Medicine which is distinct from surgery, radiology, anesthesiology, obstetric and gynecology and pediatric medicine.


Physicians have completed about 5-6 years of postgraduate training in the field of Internal Medicine and have obtained postgraduate degrees and certification such as M Med (Int Med), MRCP (UK), and FAMS.


Physicians often choose to specialize in one of the following 15 specialties of Internal Medicine, namely: Cardiology, Dermatology, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatric Medicine, Haematology, Infectious Diseases, General Internal Medicine, Medical Oncology, Neurology, Rehabilitation Medicine, Renal Medicine, Respiratory Medicine, Rheumatology and Palliative Medicine.


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College Coat of Arms and Motto



The Coat of Arms of the College consists of a shield supported by 2 lions on each side. The lions represent Singapore and dauntless courage. Within the shield, the Chevron symbolises that coming together of the specialties of internal medicine under one roof - the College. The 16 bars in the Chevron represent 14 current and future chapters. The column represents fortitude and constancy, with a serpent coiled around it, representing wisdom with fortitude. The orchid Vanda Miss Joaquim is Singapore's national flower. Its hardy and resilient qualities and its ability to bloom throughout the year are the characteristics which reflect our quest for progress and excellence. The Singapore's Lion Head symbolises courage, strength, as well as resilience in the face of challenges. On top of the shield is a banner with the wordings "College of Physicians". Below the shield is a banner inscribed with the Academy of Medicine, Singapore's motto, "Recta Sapere", which urges us to seek and savour the truth at all times.



College Constitution

The governing body of the College of Physicians, Singapore is the Council, with a total of 21 elected members. Its governing constitution is stipulated in Articles 28-49 of the Memorandum and Articles of Association.


The governance and constitution of the College is determined by its Memorandum and Articles of Association and its By-laws. The Council is empowered to make amendments to the By-laws. However, amendments to the Memorandum and Articles of Association must be passed by the House.




To be the recognised leader in training, education, advocacy and enhancement of professional satisfaction for internal medicine and its sub-specialties.




To promote and maintain the highest professional and ethical standards in internal medicine and its sub-specialties.




The objectives of the College as set out in the Memorandum of Association are:

  • to advance the art and science of internal medicine and its specialties;
  • to promote study and research into medical and scientific problems;
  • to sustain and foster postgraduate education; to conduct higher professional examinations and to award diplomas;
  • to do all such things as are in furtherance of the above objects or any of them and particularly the following provided that nothing shall be done for commercial reasons or solely for profit.



Core Values


  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Mutual Respect
  • Professionalism
  • Adaptability
  • Commitment
  • Teamwork



Past Chairmen (for the Chapter of Physicians, 1966 - 2004) & Presidents (for the College of Physicians, 2004 - Current)








1966 - 1968


Dr Gordon Arthur Ransome


1985 - 1986


Dr Arthur Tan

1997 - 1998


Dr Howe Hwee Siew
1968 - 1972

Dr Khoo Oon Teik

1986 - 1987 Dr Chee Yam Cheng 1998 - 2001 Dr Roland Chong
1972 - 1975 Dr Wong Poi Kwong 1987 - 1988 Dr Vernon Oh 2001 - 2007 Dr Lim Shih Hui
1975 - 1977 Dr John A Tambyah 1988 - 1991 Dr Richard Guan 2007 - 2009 Dr Ng Keng Yeen
1977 - 1979 Dr Feng Pao Hsii 1991 - 1993 Dr Lee Kok Onn 2009 - 2011 Dr Wong Kok Seng
1979 - 1982

Dr Teoh Pek Chuan

1993 - 1994

Dr Tan Wan Cheng


2011 - 2013

Dr Alan Ng Wei Keong


1982 - 1983 Dr Chia Boon Lock 1994 - 1995

Dr Cheng Jun


2013 - 2015 Dr Tay Jam Chin
1983 - 1985 Dr Tan Yew Oo 1995 - 1997 Dr Benjamin Ong 2015 - 2019 Dr Chan Choong Meng


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