Orthodontists are dental specialists trained in the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of complex dental malocclusion and skeletal facial irregularities. 


It takes many years to become an orthodontist and the educational requirements are demanding.


Upon graduation with a basic dental degree and having a few years of general practice experience, an orthodontist must complete a minimum three-year postgraduate programme at a dental school accredited by the Singapore Dental Council.  After graduating from the postgraduate orthodontic programme, the dentist is required to practice independently and subsequently present a variety of well-treated clinical cases and attend a viva voce before a panel of senior orthodontists at the Specialists exit assessment.


Only dentists who have successfully completed this Specialists exit assessment may call themselves orthodontists and be a member of the Chapter of Orthodontists



Orthodontists Chapter Committee
Chairman Dr Geraldine Lee Ping
Vice-Chairman Dr Sylvia Tan
Committee Members Dr Vicpearly Wong
  Dr Patricia Yeong
  Dr Marina Teh


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