2024 - 2025 COUNCIL


Elected Council Members

Designation Name


Dr Wong Chiang Yin

Assistant Master – Academic Affairs

Dr Sophia Chew

Assistant Master – Administrative Affairs

Dr Ho Kok Sun


Dr Asok Kurup


Dr Ang Tiing Leong

Assistant Bursar

Dr Choo Su Pin


Dr Ruban Poopalalingam


Dr William Hwang Ying Khee


Dr Lau Tang Ching


Dr Leo Yee Sin


Dr Steven Ng


Dr Tan Boon Yeow


Appointed Council Members

Designation Name

President, College of Anaesthesiologists

Dr Edwin Seet

President, College of Dental Surgeons

Dr Poh Yu-Jin

President, College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists

Dr Tan Lay Kok

President, College of Paediatrics and Child Health

Dr Chua Mei Chien

President, College of Physicians

Dr Terence Kee Yi Shern

President, College of Radiologists

Dr Andrew Tan Gee Seng

President, College of Surgeons

Dr Bernard Lim Yon Kuei

President, College of Emergency Physicians

Dr Mark Leong Kwok Fai

President, College of Ophthalmologists

Dr Doric Wong

President, College of Psychiatrists

Dr Daniel Fung Shuen Sheng

President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians

Dr Gan Wee Hoe

President, College of Clinician Scientists

Dr Mahesh Choolani

President, College of Clinician Educators 

Dr Faith Chia

Chair, Chapter of Pathologists 

Dr Inny Busmanis

Chair, Chapter of Intensivists

Dr Tan Hon Liang

Chair, Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians

Dr Low Sher Guan

Chair, Chapter of Pain Medicine Physicians

Dr Ho Kok Yuen

Chair, Chapter of Sleep Medicine Physicians

Dr Leow Leong Chai

Chair (Pro Tem), Chapter of Genomic Medicine

Dr Saumya Shekhar Jamuar


Designation Name
Immediate Past Master Dr Alan Ng Wei Keong
Editor-in-Chief, Annals Dr Raymond Seet Chee Seong


Co-opted Members

Designation Name
Dean, Academy Deanery Dr Lim Shih Hui
Director, Office of Professional Affairs Dr Benjamin Ng Boon Lui


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