How do I update my personal particulars?

You may update your mailing preferences, photo, qualifications, appointments or membership in other professional organizations via the restricted member login You can also check on your membership dues online.
If you face any difficulties accessing the system, please email to or

OR click here to download the Particulars Update Form and send to


When will I receive my FAMS certificate?

You will be invited to our Induction Comitia which is organized annually to admit new Fellows into the Academy to receive the fellowship certificate.


When is my membership fee due?

Subscription is due on 1 January of each year, please contact us if you did not receive the renewal notice by end January.


How can I make payment?

Payment can be made via GIRO, Credit Card or Cheque.  Refer to (Membership > Pay Subscription) for further details.  The receipt will be sent to your mailing address in our records after it has been processed.

For payment via credit card, please note that the deduction will be made based on the date it is processed.  We will contact you for further clarification if the deduction is not successful.


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