The Academy provides professional guidance and advice on the following areas:

  1. Clinical standards and clinical guidance in the management of patients;
  2. The development of medical services and facilities for the respective medical specialties
  3. The adoption and utilization of health technology;
  4. The development of health and medical research;
  5. The national-level requirements that should be put in place by the respective Specialist Training Committees (“STCs”) for the training of medical specialists
  6. Any other medical related matters that may arise from time to time.


The Academy also provides professional guidance to Governmental Organizations and other statutory boards that seek its assistance.


  1. Advisory Group on Management of Healthcare Workers with Blood Borne Diseases (Nominations of Hepatologists)
  2. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) Advisory Committee (Nominations of Representatives)
  3. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for COPD Diagnosing chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — a systematic approach (Annex A)
  4. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for COPD Managing stable chronic obstructive pulmonary disease — focusing on inhalers (Annex B)
  5. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for Gestational diabetes mellitus— An update on screening, diagnosis and follow up
  6. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for Osteoporosis
  7. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for Venous Thromboembolism — Treating with the Right Anticoagulant and Duration
  8. Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) on Oral Anticoagulation for Atrial Fibrillation
  9. Alleged Practice of Invasive Aesthetic Procedures - Case 1
  10. Alleged Practice of Invasive Aesthetic Procedures - Case 2
  11. Appropriate Procedures for Examining a Female Patient for Termination of Pregnancy
  12. Appropriate Procedures for Examining a Female Patient in Relation to Vaginal Itch
  13. Appropriate Procedures for Examining a Female Patient Undergoing Pre-Employment Health Check
  14. Appropriate Use of Imaging Technology Guidelines - Workgroup #1 on MRI of low back pain – Workgroup Formation
  15. Appropriate Use of Imaging Technology Guidelines - Workgroup #2 on MRI and CT of Headache – Workgroup Formation
  16. Appropriate Use of Imaging Technology Guidelines - Workgroup #3 on Chest Radiographs in Asymptomatic Locals – Workgroup Formation
  17. Autologous Skeletal Myoblast-derived Cells Sheet
  18. Capsule Endoscopy
  19. Case of Liver Transplant Related Death [Case 1] (Request to Convene Independent Committee)
  20. Chemotherapy Treatments
  21. Clinical Management of a Patient with Acute Myocardial Infarction
  22. Clinical Privileging for Intensive Care Unit
  23. Complaint against Clinic on Overcharging and Inappropriate Clinic Management
  24. Complaints Committee (CC) Request for General Opinion from Chapter of Dermatologists, College of Physicians, Singapore
  25. Complaints Committee (CC) Request for Nomination of Suitable experts from Chapter of Dermatologists
  26. Complaints Committee (CC) Request for Nomination of Suitable experts from Chapter of Orthopaedic Surgery and Neurosurgery
  27. Dear Healthcare Professional Letters (DHCPL) on Gadolinium
  28. Diamagnetic Therapy for Rheumatology Treatment
  29. Feasibility of guidelines for cosmetic surgery in minors
  30. Fee Benchmarks Consultation Sessions in August 2018 (Nomination of representatives)
  31. Guidelines On Safe Sedation Practice for Non-anaesthesiologists (Clarification)
  32. Guidelines On Safe Sedation Practice for Non-anaesthesiologists (Further clarification)
  33. Health Care Services (HCS) Bill – Draft General Regulations Consults With Professional Boards, Councils, College And Academy
  34. Hyperbaric Chambers
  35. Imaging-guided breast biopsy procedures in outpatient settings
  36. Inpatient Case with Suspected Over-servicing (Review)
  37. Invasive Aesthetic Procedures by a Beautician
  38. Invasive Procedures performed by a General Practitioner
  39. Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT) Device (KKT-M2) and Therapy
  40. List of Prohibited Practices in Healthcare Services Bill
  41. List of Prohibited Procedures in General Medical/Dental Clinic, Specialist Medical/Dental Clinic and Ambulatory Surgical Centre (with reference to TOSP)
  42. List of Serious Pregnancy and Delivery Complications to be Covered by MediShield Life
  43. Local Use of Clopidogrel
  44. Medical or Cosmetic Indication - (a) injection spider and reticular veins , (b) injection of reticular veins [Medisave claim]
  45. Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) Queries on Gender Change in ICA Records
  46. MOH CMIS Medical Alerts
  47. MOH’s Healthcare Publicity Review Panel (Nominations of Representatives)
  48. MOH's Dental Regulatory Standards Working Committee
  49. Myofunctional Treatment & Headaches in Children due to Misaligned Teeth
  50. National Advisory Committee for Cancer (NACC) (Invitation to be a member)
  51. Non- Evidence Based Treatment (Feedback)
  52. Oxytocin (Syntocinon) Infusion
  53. Performing Vitreolysis for Floaters and Collagen Cross Linking Procedure
  54. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (Case 1)
  55. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (Case 2)
  56. Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy (Further clarification)
  57. Pre-Admission IV Iron Therapy
  58. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) (Publicity) Regulations
  59. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) (Publicity) Regulations on Laser Vitreolysis
  60. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) (Publicity) Regulations on Wrong Medication Dispensed to Patient
  61. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Publicity Regulations (Dr Natasha Lim Eye Centre)
  62. Proposed Pharmaceutical Care Services Guideline
  63. Proposed Requirements for Sex Change (TST)
  64. Publicity Claims by Medical Clinic
  65. Publicity Claims on Korean Style Scarless Eyebag Removal – “Do Non-Surgical Methods Get Rid of Eyebags?”
  66. Publicity Claims on Nose Threadlift
  67. Questionable Clinical Practice
  68. Rejuran Healer Treatment
  69. Singapore Medical Council (SMC) Sentencing Guidelines Committee (Nomination of Representatives)
  70. Thread Lift Aesthetic procedure - 2016 edition of the Guidelines on Aesthetic Practices for Doctors
  71. TOSP Code SB808S(7C) During Medisave Audit
  72. Unauthorised Practice of Medicine, Section17(1)
  73. Unregistered Drugs for Treatment of Mixed Vaginal Infection
  74. Update of Fifth schedule of the Health Products (Medical Devices) Regulations 2010
  75. Use of Autologous Cord Blood Stem Cell Infusion for Cerebral Palsy
  76. Use of Autologous Cord Blood Stem Cell Infusion for Epilepsy
  77. Use of Autologous Protein Solution
  78. Use of Cannabis or Cannabinoids for Cancer
  79. Use of Esmya (Ulipristal Acetate) in Clinical Practice Locally
  80. Use of HbA1c and Non-Fasting Lipid Profiles as Screening Tests
  81. Use of Valproate Medicines in Singapore
  1. Alma Fractionated Co2 Laser Femilift as Aesthetic Procedure
  2. Plasma Skin Regeneration as an Aesthetic Procedure
  3. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  4. Publicity Claims: Whole Body Cryotherapy
  5. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) (Publicity) Regulations on Laser Treatments for Pigmentation
  6. PHMC Regulations on Publicity Claims regarding Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis (PGD)
  7. PHMC Publicity Regulations on Non-invasive and Painless Laser Treatment to Reduce Snoring
  8. Distinction between Cord Blood and Peripheral Blood
  9. Inborn Errors of Metabolism - Whole Genome / Exome Sequencing
  10. Invasive Aesthetic Procedures by a Beautician
  11. NEA request for Comments of Nerve Damage due to Focused Ultrasound
  12. Medisave audit - Professional inputs on Criteria for Eyelids Ptosis, Eyebrow Ptosis and Dermatochalasis
  13. Invitation to review and endorse Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for Diabetes
  14. Procedures Considered to be 'Specialised Interventional Procedures’
  15. Invitation to Focus Group Discussion on Penalties Framework and Delinking of Inspection from Licensing under the new HCSA
  16. Postgraduate Certificate in Allergy
  17. Clinical Cases requiring review by Hospital Ethics Committees
  18. Developing a Calibrated Approach to Non-Evidence Based Medicine
  19. Invitation to Engagement Session on Proposed Changes to PHMC (Publicity) Regulations
  20. Safety of Non-Medical Practitioners Applying Intense-Pulsed Light on Skin Surrounding Meibomian Glands
  21. Invasive Aesthetic Procedures Performed by Two Foreign Medical Practitioners without Registration & Practicing Certificates
  22. NGS-based NSCLC Panel Test & HV Genotyping Tests
  23. Invasive Procedures Performed by a General Practitioner
  24. Review of the Appropriateness of Clinical Care and Management by a GP using IV Vitamins
  25. A Dental Publicity on PROPEL
  26. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) (Publicity) Regulations on ReLexSMILE
  27. ACE: Call for Topics - Appropriate Care Guide (ACG) Development in FY2018
  28. Stem Cell Therapy for Osteoarthritis
  29. High Intensity Focused Ultrasound
  30. Corneal Lenticule Storage
  31. Requirements for Nasopharyngoscopy Performed in General Practice Clinics
  32. Provision of MRI-ultrasound Fusion Prostate Biopsy in a PHMC Licensed Medical Clinic
  33. Request for views on Elderly Suspects Review
  34. Management Policy for Procedurists/Surgeons with Chronic Hepatitis B Status
  35. Feedback on Genetic Testing Standards
  36. Invasive Procedures performed by a Non-Registered Practitioner
  37. Invitation to review and endorse Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for Initiating basal insulin in type 2 diabetes mellitus
  38. Invitation to review and endorse Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE) Appropriate Care Guides (ACGs) for Oral Anticoagulation for atrial fibrillation
  39. Botox, Fillers, Hydrafacial and Threadlift
  40. Working with Academy of Medicine Singapore to share information on the Healthcare Services Act (HCSA)
  41. Criteria for Eyelids Ptosis, Eyebrow Ptosis and Dermatochalasis - Resubmission
  42. Measures to support Breastfeeding and Increase Awareness on Infant and Young Children
  43. Definition of “Medical Record” under PHMC Act (Cap 248)
  44. Weekly Specialist Outpatient Clinic Loads in Private Practice - for MOH-AMS-SMA Joint Specialist Survey
  45. Alleged Practice of Invasive Aesthetic Procedures
  46. Joint Committee for Opioids Control in Healthcare Institutions
  47. AMS's views on CBDs for medical purposes
  48. Committee for the Guidelines on the Provision of Outpatient IV and Central Line Therapies
  49. Guidelines for Ophthalmologists on Assessment of Fitness to Drive
  50. Interpretation of Imupro Test Results
  51. New Evidence from Link between Abortion and Breast Cancer
  52. Fat Grafting
  53. Invitation to MOH Stakeholder Consultation on Assisted Reproduction Licensing Terms and Conditions
  54. Online Policy Consultation on Proposed Amendments to PHMC (Publicity) Regulations
  55. Nominees for POCT Working Committee Members
  56. Provision of Circumcision Services by Non-Medical Practitioners
  57. Request for AMS input on Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI)
  58. Differentiation between 'Simple' and 'Complex' TOSP Tumour Percutaneous Ablation Codes
  59. AMS input on Prescribing Fedac Co to a Toddler
  60. SDC Request on Evidence Based Treatment
  61. Seeking AMS's Professional Advice on 2 Inpatient Cases
  62. Spinal Related Procedures TOSP Codes
  63. Local Use of Gadolinium-based Contrast Agents
  64. Request for comments on the Phasing-out of Lysozyme-containing Products as Therapeutic Products
  65. Request for comments on Named-Patient Applications for 13C Urea Substrate
  1. Endorsement of the revised Obesity CPG Jan 2016 
  2. Esophageal High Resolution Manometry and pH-Impedance testing
  3. Justification on the provision of Non-List A aesthetic procedures
  4. Screening Tests Review (Further inputs clarification)
  5. Tdap vaccination for pregnant women during 3rd trimester
  6. Clinical Use of Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS) Based Assays
  7. Recommendation of senior O&G specialist to conduct peer audit on TOP service of a new clinic
  8. Assessment of 'Evidence based'
  9. Use of Dry Needling and LA Gen for Medical treatment in Singapore
  10. Invasive Procedures in a HDB apartment
  11. Human Tissue Banks
  12. Proposed Revised Guidelines on Aesthetic Practices for Doctors
  13. Consent Taking Procedures
  14. Publicity claims on Lasik procedures
  15. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act & PHMC (Publicity) Regulations
  16. Provision of Procedures Requiring General Anaesthesia in an Outpatient Setting
  17. Appropriateness of the intended service to be conducted in a PHMC licensed medical clinic (Clinical Sexology)
  18. WHO Survey on private sector scope & role in immunisation in the countries in WPR
  19. Developments in More Comprehensive Genetic Marker Testing
  20. Circulating Tumour Cells
  21. Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  22. Publicity Claims by Smiledesign
  23. Performing Angiogram under general anaesthesia
  24. Performing K-Wiring in Medical Clinic
  25. NUDT15 and SLCO1B1 Sequencing
  26. Procedures performed in Outpatient Medical Clinics
  27. Zika Virus Testing
  28. Query on provision of high dose IV Vitamin C
  29. Medisave claim on Blepharoplasty & Brow plasty
  30. Publicity Claims on Zeltiq Coolsculpting
  31. Opinion on Ozone Therapy
  32. NECC Core Competencies in Clinical Ethics for Healthcare Professionals
  33. Circular on Removal of Birth Order Restrictions for Reversal of Sexual Sterilisation and Delivery
  34. Invitation to Focus Group Discussion on Amendments to the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act
  35. Invitation for comments on the Professional Deputies and Donees Framework
  36. Crystal Tomato & I-Lipo
  37. Performing X-Ray Services in Nursing Homes & Patient's Homes
  38. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease CPG
  39. Cataract surgery in medical clinics
  40. Invasive Aesthetic Procedures by a beautician
  41. Alleged practice of Invasive Aesthetic Procedures
  42. Updates to table of surgical procedures and call for submission of proposals for 2016/2017 Review Cycle
  43. Screening Test matters
  44. Draft Licensing Terms and Conditions on Nuclear Medicine
  45. Radiological requests from non medical practitioners
  46. Use of hand held device "Palovia Paloma" to administer aesthetic treatments
  47. DHCPL on Domperidone
  48. DHCPL on Niacin
  49. Clinical Advice for HSA
  50. HSA Request for Expert Opinion on Lysozyme
  1. Invitation to be a Committee Member to Review the List of Prohibited Diseases/Conditions for Health Products Advertisements
  2. Treatment of Intravenous Fluids with Vitamin C
  3. Query on newborn screening for primary immunodeficiency
  4. Pang's Expansion Pharyngoplasty
  5. Acts of a medical practitioner
  6. Comments on Home Blood Transfusion Licensing Terms and Conditions
  7. Invasive Surgical Procedures in Medical Clinics
  8. Request for Names of Experts
  9. Specific Licensing Terms and Conditions (LTCs) on the Provision of Electrocardiography Stress Testing (EST)
  10. Consultation via Video Conferencing
  11. Testosterone for Hormone Replacement
  12. Terminal Sedation
  13. Valid certificates for practicing Anaesthetists
  14. Administering of Vitamin C' Intravenous Drip
  15. Invitation to review and endorse MOH clinical practice guidelines on Hypertension (2015)
  16. Processing Of Bone Marrow & Peripheral Blood Stem Cells
  17. Pharmacogenetics Tests for TPMT, DPYD AND UGT1A1
  18. Specific LTCs on Medical Records For Healthcare Institutions
  19. Banking of Adipose-derived Stromal Vascular Fraction (SVF) Cells
  20. Determination of TPMT Activity and Thiopurine Metabolite Levels
  21. Circular on Termination of Pregnancy Solely by Drugs
  22. Invitation to review and endorse MOH clinical practice guidelines on Lipids (2015)
  23. Circular on Consent Forms for Healthcare Institutions Offering Aesthetic Procedures
  24. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  25. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Publicity Regulations (on Eye Centre)
  26. Operating an unlicensed medical clinic
  27. Invitation to review MOH National Medication Reconciliation Guidelines
  28. Retained Placenta Remnant
  29. Administering of Vitamin C' Intravenous Drip
  30. Introduction of Guideline for Medisave/MediShield Claims for Ptosis Correction
  31. PHMC Regulations on Publicity Claims regarding Acne
  32. Nutrig Programme - Nutrigenomic Profiling
  33. Screening Tests Review (Further inputs clarification)
  34. Assessment of evidence for justification on provision of Non-List A aesthetic procedures
  35. Sovenor Transdermal Patch
  36. Clarifications on Table of Surgical Procedures TOSP
  37. Feedback on Draft Circular on Antibiotic Use when managing acute respiratory infections
  38. Opinion on High Intensity Focus Ultrasound
  39. TOSP Request - Sacral Nerve Stimulation
  40. ENT Plastic Specialist Managing ‘Droopy Eyelids and Restricted Visual Field’
  41. Requirement for Intensivist
  42. Surgeries that cannot be Performed in Ambulatory Surgical Centres
  43. Autologous Cord Blood Infusion for Treating Neurological Disorders in Paediatric Patients
  44. Proton Beam Therapy
  46. Operating an Unlicensed Medical Clinic
  47. Public Consultation on the Draft Mental Capacity (Amendment) Bill 2015
  48. Use of Etanercept for Non-Radiographic Axial Spondyloarthritis
  49. Use of Oxycodone for Restless Legs
  50. DHCPL on metoclopramide
  51. DHCPL on Risperidone
  52. DHCPL on Codeine
  1. WHO Survey On The Local Clinical Standards Pertaining To Maternal Health
  2. Alleged Breach Of The Medical Registration Act (Beauty Salon)
  3. Guidelines On National Telemedicine
  4. Provision Of Acupuncture Services In Medical Clinics
  5. Link-Up With Pediatric & Adult Respiratory Physicians To Develop Special N95 Masks
  6. Disinfectants Of Medical Devices
  7. Defining Cosmetic Treatment
  8. CPG Masterplan FY2015
  9. Genetic Testing Services
  10. Hypnotherapy
  11. Guidelines For The Provision Of Treadmill Services
  12. Choice Of Disinfectants And Disinfection Of Endoscopes
  13. Zeltiq Coolsculpting
  14. Guidelines For Private Healthcare Institutions Providing Renal Dialysis
  15. Provision Of Non-Evidence Based Treatment (BHRT) In Licensed Healthcare Institutions
  16. Mandating The Provision Of Liposuction Services In Ambulatory Surgical Centres And Hospitals
  17. Cataract Surgery
  18. Alleged Breach Of The Private Hospitals And Medical Clinics Act
  19. Review Of Criteria And Diseases & Conditions Prohibited From Medical Advertisements
  20. Lifevest Wearable Defibrilator
  21. Offering Of Gastrointestinal (GI) Panel Test As Mainstream Diagnostic Test
  22. Feedback And Endorsement On Guidelines On Anxiety Disorders (2014)
  23. Review Of The Regulatory Framework For Specialised Services Under PHMC ACT
  24. Laboratory Accreditation Bodies
  25. Tumorgrafts By Champions Oncology
  26. Efficacy Of Fecal Transplantation
  27. Comments On Genetic Tests Outsourced To Overseas Clinical Labs
  28. Practice Of Medical Termination Of Pregnancy Solely By Drugs
  29. Updates To Table Of Surgical Procedures (TOSP) And Call For Submission Of Proposals For 2014/2015 Review Cycle
  30. Provision Of Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) By Doctors In Singapore
  31. Appropriate Use Of MRI
  32. Intravenous Infusion Of Vitamins, IV Glutathione And Hormonal Treatment
  33. HIV Testing
  34. Request For Opinion - 5 Year Survival Rates
  35. Use Of Neo-Vaginal Laser
  36. Formation Of A "Maternal And Child Nutrition Council"
  37. Revised Guidelines On Aesthetic Practices For Doctors
  38. Evidence On HIQcell Treatment
  39. Expansion Phryngoplasty
  40. Practising Myofascial Trigger Point Dry Needling And Physical Therapy
  41. Pharmacogenetic Assay For Warfarin Sensitivity
  42. Further Clarification On Private Hospitals And Medical Clinics (PHMC) Publicity Regulations
  43. Comments Of Clinical Assessment And Prescription Of Testosterone
  44. Monopolar Radiofrequency Skin Tightening
  45. Public Consultation On The Proposed Subsidiary Legislation For The Transfer Of Controls Of Pharmaceutical Products ("Therapeutic Products") To Health Products Act
  46. Regulatory Framework For Nuclear Medicine, Imaging And Assay Services
  47. Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (RTMS)
  48. Digital Pathology Services
  49. Endorsement On Clinical Practice Guidelines On Falls Prevention
  50. Request For Comments On Policy Regarding Age Limit Of Motor Vehicle Drivers
  51. Liposuction In Specialty Training Curricula For Plastic Surgeons And Other Medical Specialties In Singapore
  52. Acts Of A Medical Practitioner
  53. Opinion On Practice Of Medicine
  54. Enquiry On The Use Of Radioactive Seeds In Cancer Patients
  55. Practice of Medicine and Publicity Regulations
  56. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Tuberculosis
  57. Revised Regulations Of List B Aesthetic Procedures
  58. Draft Revised Guidelines On Aesthetic Practices For Doctors
  1. Invitation to comment on Bioethics Advisory Committee
  2. National Telemedicine Standards Advisory Committee
  3. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines Masterplan FY2014
  4. Administering colonic irrigation / hydrotherapy and Coffee enema service
  5. Request for Feedback on proposed  Guidelines on the Display of Qualifications or Titles 2012
  6. Feedback and endorsement on MOH CPG on Treating Tobacco Use and Dependence
  7. AMS's view on "Nutritional/Environmental/Integrated/Integrative Medicine"
  8. Feedback and Endorsement on MOH CPG on Dementia
  9. Provision of facial plastics services by medical practitioners trained in the specialty of otorhinolaryngology
  10. Guidelines on safe sedation practice for non-anaesthesiologists
  11. Carbon-14 Urea Breath Tests
  12. Consultation on Hair Transplant
  13. Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Dementia
  14. Scope of competence of an Anaesthesiologist
  15. Proposed Roles for Clinical Optometrists
  16. Medical Management of Patients At Integrated Medicine Clinic
  17. HBV screening - STRC recommendations
  18. Query on High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU)
  19. Alteplase Clinical Guidance “Use of intravenous recombinant tissue plasminogen activator (rtPA) in ischaemic stroke patients”
  20. MOH enquiry regarding caesarean statistics
  21. Practice of Aesthetic Procedures
  22. Seeking expert opinion on benefit-risk profile of cyproterone/ethinylestradiol-containing products
  23. Coolsculpting for Fat Reduction
  24. Prenatal Diagnosis Using Cell-free Foetal DNA in Maternal Blood
  25. Radiofrequency Turbinate Reduction (RTR)
  26. Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Publicity Regulations
  27. Hair Transplantation
  28. Request for input on neonatal screening test
  29. Regarding nomination of an endocrinologist -expert opinion on casenotes
  30. Cataract and Virectomy Surgery
  31. Expert review of medical records - nomination of general surgeons
  32. Professional Guidelines On Medisave Use For Dental Procedures In The Table Of Surgical Procedures
  33. Coronary Artery Disease Risk Assessment (CADRA) System
  34. Bio-identical Hormone Therapy
  35. Outsourcing of telepathology and test results to overseas clinical laboratories for analysis and interpretation
  36. Request for inputs on modalities for breast cancer screening
  37. Life Length Telomere Analysis Technology Test
  38. Diabetes Mellitus CPG
  39. In-vitro Maturation of Oocytes
  40. Consultation on Hair Transplant
  41. Alleged Breach of the Medical Registration Act
  1. Investigation under Section 17(1) of the Medical Registration Act
  2. Assessing Clinical Records
  3. Banking of Stem Cells Extracted from Dental Pulp
  4. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy
  5. Professional guidance on the links between abortion and subsequent risk of developing breast cancer
  6. Risk of Thyroid Cancer Posed by Dental X-Rays and Mammograms
  7. Standardised List of High Alert Medication, Do Not Use Abbreviations/Approved Abbreviations and Concentrated Electrolytes
  8. Insertion of instruments into bodily orifices
  9. Anti-HBV drugs - Licensing condition
  10. Invitation to be external evaluator for medical devices
  11. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines Masterplan FY2013
  12. Regarding Woffles Lift
  13. Feedback on Use of Mercury Dental Amalgams in Singapore
  14. Femtosecond Laser-Assisted Cataract Surgery
  15. Circulating Tumour Cells
  16. Hyperthermia - treatment for cancer patients
  17. Channel News Asia Report - "Lower Likelihood of Post Surgery complications at Specialist centres"
  18. Consultation By Foreign Medical doctors
  19. Provision of Acupuncture Services by Hospitals
  20. International Accreditation New Zealand (IANZ)
  21. Hysterectomies for mentally competent minors (Voluntary Sterilization)
  22. Home births and Doulas
  23. ASAS - Nestle Advertisement Claims
  24. Refractive Lenticular Extraction (ReLex)
  25. Enquiry on the Policy for Performing Skeletal Muscle Biopsies in Singapore by Non-medical Doctors
  26. Clarification on Cryopreservation of Oocytes
  27. Further clarification on Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT) and Device
  28. Seeking view and clarification on medical eye-examination
  29. Foreign doctor providing advice / consultation to overseas patients
  30. Professional Evaluation and determination of new services/practices as mainstream medical practice
  31. Request for meeting - Role of Singapore Academy of Medicine in developing a set of National Guidelines on Telemedicine
  32. Review of the Guidelines on the Use of Ultrasound
  33. Skin cancer from laser
  34. EDTA treatment for blocked arteries is evidence based
  35. Number of L5 Licenses Held by Radiologists
  36. Screening Tests Review (Further inputs clarification)
  37. Further clarification on Circulating Tumour Cells
  38. Dental Education Resource for Medical Practitioners - Dental Factsheet for GPs
  39. Self Administer Coffee Enema
  40. Feedback on Proposed Aesthetic Facial Procedures for Dental Practitioners Guidelines
  41. Development of Proposed Guidelines on Management of Healthcare Workers with Blood-borne Diseases
  1. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines Masterplan FY2012
  2. Nalbuphine Hydrochloride
  3. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Chronic Hepatitis B Infection
  4. Use of Peripheral Blood Stem Cells (PBSC) For the Treatment of Knee Cartilage Ulcers
  5. Efficacy of Medical Hair Loss Treatments
  6. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Management of Drug Overdose and Poisoning
  7. Credentialing in laparoscopy
  8. Accreditation criteria for Lower Segment Caesarean Section (LSCS)
  9. Opinion on surgical skills relevant to liposuction practice
  10. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Schizophrenia (review)
  11. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Management of Gambling Disorders
  12. Use of Biocleanse Anterior Tibialis Tendon (ATT) For Multiple Ligament Knee Injury
  13. Internal Stakeholders Consultation on The Status of Children Bill
  14. Proposed Standards for Medisave Accreditation for Screening Colonoscopy
  15. The Role of Maggots Therapy In Reducing Amputation
  16. Licensing Terms and conditions for on Credentialing of Medical Practitioners
  17. Use of Bright Light Therapy (BLT) In Geriatric Delirious Patients
  18. Health Regulation Strategic Thrusts
  19. Genetic Predictive Tests
  20. Role of complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM) practitioners
  21. Guidelines on Cryopreservation of Oocytes
  22. Feedback for Occupational Diseases Guidelines
  23. Treatment received at Beauty Salon
  24. Laser Hair Rejuvenation Therapy
  25. Public Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Publicity Regulations
  26. Breast Cancer Screening
  27. Banking of Stem Cells Extracted from Human Umbilical Cord Tissue
  28. Unconventional Diagnostic Tests
  29. Depression CPG
  30. Cessation of Smoking
  31. Khan Kinetic Treatment (KKT) and Device
  32. Law firm seeking confirmation and clarification of Issue on Rhinoplasty
  33. Blood Donation Services
  34. Health Screening without Medical Practitioners
  35. Water Births
  36. Voluntary Sterilization Review
  37. Practice of Clinical Hypnosis
  38. List B Aesthetic Procedures
  39. Sedation by Non-Anaesthesiologists
  40. Consultation By Foreign Medical doctors
  41. Taskforce on Sedation by Non Anaesthesiologists
  42. Feedback on Instant Braces
  43. List A Aesthetic Procedures
  44. Cataract and Intraocular Surgeries in Medical Clinics
  45. Sub-specialty Credentialing
  46. Proposed Licensing Terms and Conditions for Human Cell and Tissue Based Therapy (CTT)
  47. Prohibition of Advertisement Relating to Medical Skill or Service
  48. Provision of Hypnotherapy services in a GP clinic
  49. Management of healthcare workers with blood-borne diseases
  1. MOH Clinical Practice Guideslines draft on Management of Rhinosinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis Clinical Practice Guidelines
  2. Licensing terms and conditions for blood transfusion and for Blood and Blood product collection, processing, storage and distribution
  3. Administration of PAP Smear (further clarification)
  4. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Functional Assessment on Older persons
  5. Opinion on the use of Sativex for pain management in cancer patients
  6. Opinion on possible contravention of Regulation 12 Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act
  7. Formation of Screening Tests Review Committee
  8. Opinion on Practice of medicine (radiology)
  9. Seeking medical opinions on  the diagnosis and management of FMH
  10. Posting of "Before" and "After Treatment" Photographs as Publicity
  11. Request for information on Mephedrone
  12. Extending the Scope of the LMC Framework - Project
  13. Expert opinion on blood analysis (Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics Act)
  14. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines Masterplan FY2011
  15. Errant prescribing of benzodiazepines
  16. Practice of Medicine (Genetics service)
  17. AMS-MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Age-related Macular Degeneration
  18. Nano Energy Booster (NeB) - Diagnostic & Treatment Claims
  19. Bioresonance Therapy Centre
  20. Screening Tests Review
  21. Specific Licensing Conditions for Credentialling of Medical Practitioners
  22. Certificate of Cause of Death
  23. Acceptability of physicians treating patients with vitamin, mineral, amino acid deficiencies as part of  conventional medical treatment
  24. Heat Injuries Clinical Practice Guidelines
  25. Right Hemithyroidectomy as a day surgery procedure
  26. Live Blood Analysis (LBA)
  27. Practice of Medicine (Genetic Testing service)
  28. Tattoo Removal Using Lasers
  29. Quality Assurance Committees for Medical Clinics
  30. The Use of Arts Therapies as an Adjunct Therapy
  31. Review and Update of the SMC Ethical Code & Ethical Guidelines
  32. Colonic Irrigation / Colon Hydrotherapy
  33. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Cardiovascular Disease and Risk Factors
  34. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines on Clinical Blood Transfusion
  35. Efficacy of Alkaline Water in Human Body
  1. Feedback on Proposed amendments to the Medical Registration Act
  2. Licensing conditions for Hyperbaric Medical Services
  3. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Management of Genital Ulcers and Discharge
  4. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Stroke CPG (Review)
  5. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Cancer Screening CPG
  6. Licensing conditions for Hematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplantation
  7. Proposed Circular on the Management of Influenza in Pregnant Women
  8. Review of Levels of Medical Capability (LMC)
  9. Public consultation on draft Coroner's Bill (after amendment)
  10. Management of Obstetric and Paediatric Patients with Influenza A H1N1
  11. Guidelines for Inborn Errors of Metabolism screening
  12. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines Masterplan FY2010
  13. Expert opinion on medical practice
  14. Feedback on Coronary Calcium Score and CT Coronary Angiogram CPG
  15. Advice on Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) Skin Rejuvenation procedure
  16. Revised Guidelines on Aesthetic Practices for Doctors
  17. AMS - MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Management of Edentulism with Dental Implants CPG
  18. Administration of PAP Smear
  19. Chelation Therapy & Ozone Therapy
  20. Proposed Regulation for Human-Cell and Tissue based therapy
  1. Human-Animal Combinations for Research
  2. National Medical Specialty Centres
  3. Determination of Minimum Standards for Provision of Paediatric  ENT Services
  4. National Expanded Newborn Screening for IEM
  5. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Prescribing of Benzodiazepines
  6. Proposed Mental Health (Care and Treatment) Bill
  7. Collaborated Guidelines for Aesthetic Practice in Singapore
  8. Proposed Liposuction Regulatory Regime
  9. Feedback on Control of Mercury Clinical Thermometers in Singapore
  10. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Ganulocyte Stimulating Factor (G-CSF)
  11. AMS - MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Autism Spectrum Disorders in Preschool Children
  12. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Management of Rhinosinusitis and Allergic Rhinitis
  13. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines -  Guidelines on Management of Hepatitis B
  14. MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Use of ECG for Screening for coronary heart disease in asymptomatic patients with hypertension
  15. Perinatal  Care at the Threshold of Viability
  16. Defining the limits of Viability - "How small is too small?"
  17. Exposure Prone procedures
  18. AMS - MOH Clinical Practice Guidelines - Management of Food Allergy
  19. Unauthorized aesthetic practices and treatment at medical centre
  20. Liposuction Training for Medical Practitioners
  21. Public consultation on the proposed amendments to the human organ transplant act (HOTA)
  22. Nutritional Management of the Very Low Birth Weight (VLBW) Infant
  23. Clinical Guidelines on the Management of Gouty Arthritis
  24. Clinical guidelines on the Use of Anticoagulation and Anti-platelet with Endoscopic Procedures
  25. Provision of Clinical Services under the health services development programme
  1. Colonic Hydrotherapy
  2. Colonic Hydrotherapy
  3. Mental Capacity Bill & Assessment
  4. Treatment of Autism - Nutritional Therapy and Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy for Children with Autism
  5. Bone Marrow Transplant: Review of Audit Results
  6. Cell Therapy
  7. Cell Therapy
  8. Coroners Bill
  9. Donation of Human Eggs for Research
  10. MOH CPG - Asthma
  11. Overseas Umbilical Cord Blood Banks



The Academy started receiving requests in November 2004 for Independent Expert Opinion from the Singapore Police Force for Coroner Cases. The Academy assists by coordinating with its College and Chapter’s for Nomination of the IME. The expert opinion is non-bias and free of conflict of interest, which assist in the investigations of the patient’s demise.



The Singapore Medical Council (SMC) grants temporary medical registration under the Medical Registration Act to cover the short period of time for visiting experts to perform clinical procedures, demonstrations at workshops or to perform surgical operations on selected patients in approved healthcare institutions. Many of these were experts who came to demonstrate at international conferences held in Singapore.


With effect from September 2007, the Academy was tasked with the important role of checking the veracity and recognition of the expertise of these foreign visiting experts by providing verification services to non-restructured institutions who wishes to bring in their own specialists to Singapore for short periods of time.


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