The Academy of Medicine, Singapore, the professional body for postgraduate specialist training and education in Singapore, has been appointed by the Ministry of Health, Singapore to administer the annual in-training examinations. The Academy is presently managing the in-training examinations for 23 Residency programs in Singapore.


No Specialty Exam Name
1 Anaesthesiology ABA ITE
2 Cardiology ACC ITE
3 Diagnostic Radiology DXIT
4 Emergency Medicine EM ITE
5 Endocrinology ESAP ITE
6 Family Medicine ABFM ITE
7 Gastroenterology GTE
8 General Surgery ABSITE
9 Haematology ASH ITE
10 Infectious Diseases IDSA ITE
11 Internal Medicine IMITE
12 Medical Oncology ASCO ITE
13 Obstetrics & Gynaecology CREOG
14 Ophthalmology OKAP
15 Orthopaedic Surgery OITE
16 Otorhinolaryngology OTE
17 Paediatric Medicine ABPITE
18 Pathology RISE
19 Psychiatry PRITE
20 Rheumatology ACR ITE
21 Respiratory Medicine *APCCMPD ISE
22 Renal Medicine *ASN ITE
23 Nuclear Medicine *ABNM ITE

* ITE starting from Year 2015

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