60 Years

The Academy of Medicine, Singapore, the professional body for postgraduate specialist training and education in Singapore, has been appointed by the Ministry of Health, Singapore to administer the annual in-training examinations. The Academy is presently managing the in-training examinations for 23 Residency programs in Singapore.


No Specialty Exam Name
1 Anaesthesiology ABA ITE
2 Cardiology ACC ITE
3 Diagnostic Radiology DXIT
4 Emergency Medicine EM ITE
5 Endocrinology ESAP ITE
6 Family Medicine ABFM ITE
7 Gastroenterology GTE
8 General Surgery ABSITE
9 Haematology ASH ITE
10 Infectious Diseases IDSA ITE
11 Internal Medicine IMITE
12 Medical Oncology ASCO ITE
13 Obstetrics & Gynaecology CREOG
14 Ophthalmology OKAP
15 Orthopaedic Surgery OITE
16 Otorhinolaryngology OTE
17 Paediatric Medicine ABPITE
18 Pathology RISE
19 Psychiatry PRITE
20 Rheumatology ACR ITE
21 Respiratory Medicine *APCCMPD ISE
22 Renal Medicine *ASN ITE
23 Nuclear Medicine *ABNM ITE

* ITE starting from Year 2015

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