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The Academy of Medicine, Singapore is pleased to announce the launch of its pilot specialty-specific Self-Learning Module (SLM).  The SLM is an initiative in anticipation of SMC's proposed mandatory Maintenance of Competency (MOC) which will replace the current compulsory Continuing  Medical Education (CME) programme in the coming years.


Over the past many months, the Academy and its Colleges and Chapters have come together to develop these SLM units.  To-date, 24 specialty modules have been completed and uploaded. 


The pilot SLM is implemented under the current category 3B of the CME programme:-
• Participants can claim 5 CME points for the satisfactory completion of each SLM. 
• Main author/co-author will be awarded 3 CME points/1 CME point per SLM respectively.
• For each SLM, there will be 20 multiple-choice questions (MCQs) and participants will have unlimited number of attempts to complete and pass the module.  The passing criteria is 100%. 


The SLM is currently only open to Fellows and Members of the Academy who can access the modules at their own time.  We strongly encourage Fellows and Members to make use of and benefit from this self-learning initiative.  We also appreciate your valuable feedback on our SLM to help us improve your learning experience.


We are pleased to announce the Academy’s SLM is a membership privilege for Fellows and Members. For non-Fellows/Members, enrolment and user access fees will apply.


Click on the link - To Attempt the Module(s)



Frequently Asked Questions


1. How do I access SLM?

Please login to Membership Management System to access the SLM.


2. I have forgotten my password. How do I get it reset?

Please click the link ( to reset the password.


3. How many CME points will be awarded per module?

5 CME points will be awarded for the satisfactory completion of each SLM module. Main author/co-author will be awarded 3 CME points/1 CME point per SLM respectively.


4. How will CME points be awarded?

Upon successful completion of each module, the Academy will submit your CME points to SMC in due course. Please check SMC website to ensure that you have been awarded the points.


5. What is the pass mark for each module?

The passing criteria is 100% and you will have unlimited attempts until you pass the module. 


6. How many modules are available for the pilot launch? Can I attempt modules not under my specialty?

There are 24 specialty-specific modules available for the pilot launch. You may also attempt modules which are not under your specialty and still be awarded non-core CME points for these modules.


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