Course Fees
Category *Fees for MHPE-S
MHPE Course & Book Fees
to Maastricht University
Supplementary Fee to AMS to conduct Campus-based units (Campus 1 & 2) in Singapore
(inclusive of GST)
Fellows of Academy of Medicine, Singapore (FAMS) €16,000 S$15,000
Others €16,000 S$18,300

*The fees are to be paid in two instalments.


  1. The course fee to Maastricht University of €16,000 is to be paid in two instalments of €8,000.  Not included are costs of accommodation, board or transportation.  In case of delay of the programme, extra costs of €700 will be charged.
  2. The supplementary fee to the Academy of Medicine, Singapore of S$15,000 (for FAMS) or S$18,300 (for non-FAMS) is to be paid in two instalments of S$7,500 (for FAMS) or S$9,150 (for non-FAMS). Thesis presentation can be done at APMEC (Singapore), AMEE conferences, or in Maastricht. Please note that these fees do not include travel to Maastricht for Thesis presentation and convocation.


The registration as a course participant is only final after the first term course fee and supplementary fee have been received within 30 days after receipt of the provisional acceptance letter or, when admitted after 23 May 2022 at the latest before 23 June 2022. Payment for second term must be transferred before 23 May 2023

Successful applicants will receive payment instructions from Academy of Medicine, Singapore. 

* Please note: this graduate programme has a deviating tuition fee rate.



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