S R E Sayampanathan

Master (2016-2018)
Academy of Medicine, Singapore



20 June 2016



1. 38th Annual General Meeting on 11 June 2016


Transition of leadership can be smooth or tumultuous.  It is praiseworthy that the recent handover of the position of Master was so seamless and slick that there were just smiles, no baited breath or heavy hearts.  Indeed, all the credit goes to the Immediate Past Master, Dr Lim Shih Hui. 

During his term as Master (2012 to 2016), he built on the hard work of predecessors.  He encouraged and cultivated cooperation and collaboration within the Council, Colleges and Chapters.  He harnessed the positive and constructive strengths of various personalities and channeled it to high level productivity of the Academy.  He also gave experience of various portfolios to people like me, so that we appreciated the multi-faceted impact of Academy's actions on the healthcare scene in Singapore.


With a strong Council in the AMS, well represented by the specialist doctors from all sectors of the Singapore community, changing the Master did not lead to a change in policy or direction of the Academy.  Previously, there had been a false notion/fear that an election may result in a new Council with unexpected different purpose, and this led to some undeserved distrust of the Academy.  With more than half of the Council unchanged at any one time, and with appointed Councillors (in the form of duly and democratically elected Presidents/Chairmen by respective Colleges/Chapters), there is a very stable situation with continuity of leadership.  Also, we have a mature electorate of responsible specialists.  More importantly, as will be elaborated later in this Message, we have created institutions like the Deanery, the Office of Professional Affairs and Standing Committees which ensure continuity of policy, direction and action in most areas.

We have elected new members from time to time, to inject new blood and new ideas into the Academy at various levels (Academy, Colleges and Chapters).  Capable, tested and trusted people who have completed terms of office from our ranks will be enlisted to do posts of longer tenure.  As an example, there are many Past Masters, eg. Dr Chew Chin Hin,  Dr Chee Yam Cheng, Dr Ho Lai Yun, Dr Fock Kwong Ming, Dr Tan Kok Chai, etc. who have diligently served in certain committees on a voluntary basis even after stepping down.  Similarly, another example is Dr Benjamin Ng Boon Lui who has just stepped down as President of the College of Public Health and Occupational Physicians, and he will be helming the Office of Professional Affairs for the next 5 years.



2. New Council

As testimony of the smooth and seamless transition from one Council to the next, the line-up of the new Council is largely unchanged, and even though may have retained previous posts, their tasks have been expanded.  As an example, although Dr Teo Eng Kiong will be Assistant Master (Academic Affairs), he will be contributing a lot to the Deanery and its formation.

We would like to thank two Council members who retired at the AGM on 11 June 2016.  They are Dr Thirumoorthy and Dr Ong Hock Soo.  They have served the AMS Council particularly well over the years.

There are two new elected Councillors: Dr Yeo Jin Fei and Dr V Anantharaman.  They are experienced and extremely capable.  The new Council line-up is as follows:


Dr S R E Sayampanathan Master
Dr Teo Eng Kiong Assistant Master – Academic Affairs
Dr Khoo Kei Siong Assistant Master – Administrative Affairs
Dr Chan Yew Weng Scribe
Dr Lai Fon Min Bursar
Dr David Lye  Assistant Bursar
Dr Yeo Jin Fei Censor-in-Chief
Dr Lim Lay Cheng Censor
Dr Alan Ng Censor
Dr Venkataraman Anantharaman Censor
Dr Wong Chiang Yin Censor
Dr Wong Tien Yin Censor



Dr Ti Lian Kah President, College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore
Dr Bryce Lee President, College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore
Dr Arijit Biswas President, College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Singapore
Dr Marion Aw President, College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Singapore
Dr Chan Choong Meng President, College of Physicians, Singapore
Dr Chua Eu Tiong President, College of Radiologists, Singapore
Dr Ho Kok Sun President, College of Surgeons, Singapore
Dr Goh Siang Hiong President, College of Emergency Physicians
Dr Wong Tien Yin President, College of Ophthalmologists
Dr Ng Beng Yeong President, College of Psychiatrists
Dr Vernon Lee President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians
Dr Pierce Chow President, College of of Clinician Scientists
Dr Inny Busmanis Chair, Chapter of Pathologists
Dr Lim Tiek Whai Chair, Chapter of Intensivists
Dr Tan Boon Yeow Chair, Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians
Dr Erle Lim Chair, Chapter of Clinician Educators


Dr Lim Shih Hui Immediate Past Master
Dr Tan Eng King Editor, Annals




3. Organisation Structure 


Also as testimony to the smooth and seamless transition of leadership, the organisation structure we will adopt is something which has been discussed and decided over time.  It was drawn up by Immediate Past Master, Dr Lim Shih Hui, and fine tuned after detailed discussion with the AMS Council.

The new structure reflects the two main trusts of AMS i.e. education and professional affairs.  By grouping most of our Committees under the Deanery and the Office of Professional Affairs (OPA), this would help to stream-line all related matters.  In addition, the leaders of these offices would hold office for 5 years, to ensure good planning and continuity of direction.





4. Final Comments


As the plans of the Council evolve, I will share more information with everyone.  We look forward to working together.



Best Wishes

Dr S R E Sayampanathan
Email: master@ams.edu.sg


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