13 Sep 2022


At the conclusion of the 44th Annual General Meeting of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore on 10 September 2022, we are pleased to announce the composition of the Academy’s Council for the term 2022-2023.


COUNCIL (2022-2023)




Master Dr Alan Ng
Assistant Master – Academic Affairs Dr Wong Tien Yin
Assistant Master – Administrative Affairs Dr Ho Kok Sun
Scribe Dr Lee Kheng Hock
Bursar Dr Sophia Chew
Assistant Bursar Dr Vernon Lee
Censor-in-Chief Dr Steven Ng
Censor Dr Asok Kurup
Censor Dr Lee Tze Wee
Censor Dr Leo Yee Sin
Censor Dr Lim Lay Cheng
Censor Dr Sim Hong Gee




President, College of Anaesthesiologists, Singapore Dr Edwin Seet
President, College of Dental Surgeons, Singapore Dr Poh Yu-Jin
President, College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, Singapore Dr Tan Lay Kok
President, College of Paediatrics and Child Health, Singapore Dr Lee Yung Seng
President, College of Physicians, Singapore Dr David Lye
President, College of Radiologists, Singapore Dr Tan Bien Peng
President, College of Surgeons, Singapore Dr Tan Yeh Hong
President, College of Emergency Physicians Dr Eillyne Seow
President, College of Ophthalmologists Dr Leonard Yip
President, College of Psychiatrists Dr Daniel Fung
President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians Dr Gan Wee Hoe
President, College of Clinician Scientists Dr Mahesh Choolani
President, College of Clinician Educators Dr Yip Chee Chew
Chair, Chapter of Pathologists Dr Inny Busmanis
Chair, Chapter of Intensivists Dr Tan Hon Liang
Chair, Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians Dr Tan Boon Yeow
Chair, Chapter of Pain Medicine Physicians Dr Yeo Sow Nam, Alex
Chair, Chapter of Sleep Medicine Physicians Dr Leow Leong Chai




Immediate Past Master Dr Teo Eng Kiong
Editor, Annals Dr Raymond Seet




Dean, Academy Deanery Dr Lim Shih Hui
Director, Office of Professional Affairs Dr Benjamin Ng


We would also like to record our appreciation to the following retiring Council members who have volunteered their time to serve and uphold the mission of the Academy:


Censor Dr Ang Tiing Leong
Censor Dr Ling Khoon Lin
Censor Dr Yeo Jin Fei
President, College of Ophthalmologists Dr Vernon Yong
President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians Dr Matthias Paul Toh


Please join me to welcome the new Council of the Academy.



Yours sincerely


Dr Lee Kheng Hock