20 Jun 2020


SINGAPORE, 20 June 2020 – The Academy of Medicine, Singapore announces the appointment of Professor Teo Eng Kiong as the new Master of the Academy.


Dr S R E Sayampanathan has completed his four-year term as Master of the Academy, a position which he helmed since June 2016.  The leadership transition took place at the conclusion of the 42nd Annual General Meeting of the Academy on 20 June 2020.  Dr Sayampanathan will continue to serve on the Council as the Immediate Past Master for another year. The Academy would like to record its appreciation to Dr Sayampanathan for his able leadership, dedication and contributions.


Professor Teo Eng Kiong will serve as the Master of the Academy for a two-year term (2020-2022) effective 20 June 2020. Professor Teo is a Senior Consultant, Gastroenterology and Hepatology, as well as Chairman Medical Board, at Changi General Hospital.  He is also the Deputy Group Chairman Medical Board of Singapore Health Services.


Since 1998, Professor Teo has been a Fellow of the Academy and has served as Elected Council member from 2010, holding various positions: Censor (2010-2012), Assistant Bursar (2012-2013), Assistant Master – Administrative Affairs (2013-2015), and Assistant Master – Academic Affairs (2015-2019).  Prior to that, Professor Teo was actively involved in the Chapter of Gastroenterologists under the College of Physicians Singapore, having served as the Vice-Chairman (2009-2011) and Board member (2005-2009).


In June 2019, Professor Teo Eng Kiong was declared Master-Elect.  We warmly welcome Professor Teo as Master of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and look forward to his leadership and the initiatives that he has planned in fulfilling the mission of the Academy.