29 Apr 2024

Results of Election of Council Members (2024-2026) of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore

By the closing deadline on 26 April 2024 at 2359 hours, a total of 1,038 eBallot votes were received, out of 3,068 eBallots issued to eligible voters.

The eBallot results have been reviewed and verified by Dr Wong Chiang Yin (Master-Elect), Dr Ang Tiing Leong (Scribe) and Dr Poh Yu-Jin, (CDSS President) who served as Scrutineers for this eBallot exercise.

The summary of the results is as follows:

1 Dr Sophia Chew Tsong Huey 519
2 Dr William Hwang Ying Khee 539
3 Dr Asok Kurup 667
4 Dr Lau Tang Ching 501
5 Dr Lee Ser Yee 339
6 Dr Leo Yee Sin 576
7 Dr Ruban Poopalalingam 526
8 Dr Sim Hong Gee 481

Pursuant to Article 66(d) of the Academy’s Constitution, the candidates up to the number of vacancies who shall receive the most votes shall be declared elected.

We are pleased to declare the following candidates duly elected into the Council of the Academy (2024-2026):

1. Dr Asok Kurup
2. Dr Leo Yee Sin
3. Dr William Hwang Ying Khee
4. Dr Ruban Poopalalingam
5. Dr Sophia Chew Tsong Huey
6. Dr Lau Tang Ching

On behalf of the Academy, we would like to thank all 8 candidates for volunteering to serve. Please also join us to congratulate the candidates on their election to the Council.

Thank you.

Yours sincerely
Dr Ang Tiing Leong
Academy of Medicine, Singapore