9 Nov 2021




The Academy of Medicine, Singapore supports the initiative on the establishment of the Clinical Claims Resolution Process (CCRP) to resolve Integrated Shield Plans (IPs) claim disputes of a clinical nature, as announced by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

As a medical professional body, the Academy shares the concerns of policyholders regarding comprehensive medical coverage and treatment. We therefore welcome the decision by the Multilateral Healthcare Insurance Committee (MHIC) to set up the CCRP to enable policyholders, insurers, doctors and medical institutions to achieve mutually satisfactory outcomes for clinical-related Integrated Shield Plans (IP) disputes.

The Academy is represented in the MHIC by Professor Teo Eng Kiong (Master) and Dr Ho Kok Sun (Assistant Master – Administrative Affairs).

Administration of Clinical Claims Resolution Process (CCRP) by the Academy of Medicine, Singapore

With the establishment of the CCRP, specialist assessment will now be made available to bridge the gap in the evaluation of the disputes. It will also ease the claims process and allow issues pertaining to health insurance to be resolved in an objective and efficient manner. It is a step forward to safeguarding policyholders’ interest and ensuring the affordability, accessibility and quality of health care.


CCRP plays a role in ensuring the ecosystem is fair and just for all stakeholders whether they are doctors, insurers or policy holders. It is constructed to handle all errant parties, not just errant doctors, in the ecosystem.


Being the driver of the development and administration of the CCRP, the Academy will devote its expertise to providing and sustaining this initiative for the benefit of the public, in collaboration with MHIC stakeholders.


We are pleased to be a key partner in facilitating the enhancement of good healthcare practices and principles. We strive to influence specialists on the fair provision of service as well as to influence the healthcare finance ecosystem to a sustainable one for the good of our population. As overuse of medical services would likely cause patients physical, psychological and financial harm, the Academy aims to guide all stakeholders on cost-effective care by not over-consuming and over-servicing.

Panel Expansion of Specialists

We are also pleased that the MHIC’s efforts to improve policyholders’ access to more specialists have been successful. The IP insurers’ commitment to expanding their panels to 500 specialists, minimally, by the end of this year will undoubtedly bolster the relationship between policyholders, insurers and healthcare providers.

The panel expansion will work in the public and patients’ best interest, which is our common goal. We continue to adopt and deliver solutions that take care of the population’s healthcare needs.

Transforming the Current Healthcare System

Finally, we are heartened that despite the challenges faced, the various MHIC stakeholders have agreed to come to the table and work together to reach a fair and equitable solution. Healthcare financing is a complex ecosystem and resolution may take time, but we certainly have seen encouraging improvements along the way.


The journey will be long and we must stay committed to the cause for a sustainable and affordable healthcare system in Singapore, for the generation today as well as future generations.