This year’s Induction Comitia saw a celebration of three significant events. It not only witnessed the annual conferment of new Fellows and the graduation of trainees under the Staff Registrar Scheme, but also the launch of the Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration Fundraising Campaign. Held on 23 August 2012 at the Health Promotion Board Auditorium, the event was graced by Minister of State for Health, Dr Amy Khor.


Induction Comitia Programme
Address by Guest-of-Honour, Dr Amy Khor, Minister of State for Health
Address by Professor Lim Shih Hui, Master, Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Launch of the Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration Fundraising Campaign


Dr Wong Tien Yin leading his fellow inductees for the pledge taking.

Newly admitted inductees took their pledge, led by Dr Wong Tien Yin.
A total of 75 new Fellows were formally admitted into the Academy, the highest number since 2007. “Once a while, physicians need to reflect on why we chose to practise medicine, and how we should apply our skills. The Induction Comitia 2012 gave us a fresh and timely perspective of the long-standing tradition and history of our profession in Singapore.

In the face of challenging times, the Comitia reminded the medical community to work together, irrespective of whether we are working in the private or public sector, to uphold the highest ethical standards of our profession and to do our very best for our patients,” said Dr Wong Tien Yin from the College of Ophthalmologists. Dr Wong also led his fellow inductees for the pledge taking.

That evening also saw the graduation of 17 trainees who have successfully completed their diplomas under the Staff Registrar Scheme. They were graduates from the Diploma in Cardiothoracic Surgery, Diploma in Emergency Medicine, Diploma in Geriatric Medicine in Hospital and ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care), Diploma in Internal Medicine, Diploma in Neonatology, Diploma in Neurology, Diploma in Orthopaedic Surgery, Diploma in Paediatrics & Child Health, Advanced Diploma in Pathology and Diploma in Rehabilitation Medicine.



Jennifer Ang Abengana was awarded the FJ Jayaratnam Book Prize by the Chapter of Geriatricians, College of Physicians for her outstanding performance under the Diploma in Geriatric Medicine in Hospital and ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care).

At the Induction Comitia, Dr Tan Kok Chai, Immediate Past Master of the Academy, was presented with a Past Master Medallion.

Master with Dr Tan Kok Chai (right)
From left: Dr V. Anantharaman, Dr Amy Khor and Master launched the Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration fundraising campaign.


A citation of Dr Tan was read by Dr Wong Kok Seng, Assistant Master (Academic Affairs). Master of the Academy, Dr Lim Shih Hui, presented the Past Master Medallion to Dr Tan as an appreciation for his leadership as Master of the Academy from 2010 to 2012.

The highlight of the evening was the launch of the Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration Fundraising Campaign – A Tribute to Gordon Arthur Ransome. The fundraising drive was led by Chairman of the committee, Dr V. Anantharaman.


The Gordon Arthur Ransome Oration was created in 1970 by friends and colleagues to honour the life, values and contribution of Professor Sir Gordon Arthur Ransome (1910-1978), who was the Founder Master of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore and is warmly regarded as the father of modern medicine in Singapore. The Oration, hallmark of the Academy, serves as the keynote address at the biennial Singapore-Malaysian Congress of Medicine. The Orator, a distinguished member of the medical profession or community, will be appointed by the Council of the Academy among nominations put forth by the Fellows.


What our new Fellows said

"I feel honored and privileged in becoming Fellow of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore. Both my wife (also a doctor) and I are deeply touched by Sir Gordon Arthur Ransome's inspiring life. My wife will hopefully be eligible for FAMS next year on completion of her specialist training. We both pledge to uphold our professional spirit and integrity according to Sir Gordon's values and teachings."

Dr Duncan Wong , College of Surgeons

"A truly memorable evening, with a particularly timely and poignant tribute to Professor Ransome, reminding us all of what it truly means to practise the Art of Medicine."

Dr Darren Phua , College of Anaesthesiologists

“It was a proud moment for me and my family to be invited to the Comitia 2012 to receive my fellowship. The ceremony was extremely well organised and was a worthwhile experience for me and the other recipients. The address by the Minister, Dr Amy Khor, focussed on the new CPD programmes for the doctors which I am sure will give assurance to patients that their doctors are up to date and fit to practice. This Comitia gave me an opportunity to know about Sir Gordon Arthur Ransome and his contribution to the Academy of Medicine.


It was a privilege and honour to receive the fellowship from the Master in the presence of the Minister and other dignitaries of the Academy. The function was indeed more special for me as my mother was able to attend despite her health related problems and I am extremely grateful to the Academy for making this possible.”


Dr Suresh Chandran , College of Paediatrics and Child Health




















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