The Academy held its second Induction Comitia for this year on 25 October at the Health Promotion Board Auditorium.  The event was graced by Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Permanent Secretary for Health, as the Guest-of-Honour.

Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Tan Ching Yee, giving the opening address.
In her address, Mrs Tan remarked that the recent formation of the Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians was timely to assist with the growing needs of the greying population in Singapore.  She added that the Ministry of Health (MOH) values the holistic care provided by the family physicians whose practice is defined by its breadth and patient-centricity. 

Mrs Tan also highlighted on the important role which the Academy played in postgraduate training and education, and recorded her appreciation on the continual partnership between the Academy and MOH in the training of doctors.



Induction Comitia Programme
Address by Dr Lim Shih Hui, Master, Academy of Medicine, Singapore
Address by Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Permanent Secretary (Health), Ministry of Health, Singapore


A total of 81 Fellows were formally admitted into the Academy that afternoon.  Dr Goh Soo Chye Paul from the Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians led his fellow inductees for the pledge-taking.

The Induction Comitia also witnessed the graduation of twelve trainees who have successfully completed their diplomas under the Staff Registrar Scheme.  They were graduates from the Diploma in Emergency Medicine, Diploma in Geriatric Medicine in Hospital and ILTC (Intermediate and Long Term Care), Diploma in Internal Medicine (with Focus on Hospital Medicine) and Diploma in Neurosurgery.

Group photo with Guest-of-Honour, Mrs Tan Ching Yee, and the AMS Council.
Newly admitted inductees took their pledge, led by Dr Goh Soo Chye Paul.

The Academy also presented Annals Best Publications Award 2013 to the top 3 papers based on clinical impact, study design and research methodologies, data analysis and quality of data interpretation and balanced discussion.  The Annals Gold Reviewer Award 2013 was also presented to 9 reviewers for their outstanding reviews done for the Annals.

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