8 Jun 2024

Singapore 8 June 2024 - The Academy of Medicine Singapore (AMS) would like to announce the conclusion of Associate Professor Alan Ng Wei Keong's two-year tenure as Master, a position he has held since 10 September 2022. Associate Professor Ng will continue to serve on the Council as the Immediate Past Master for another year.

Under Associate Professor Alan Ng’s guidance, the Academy has made remarkable strides in advancing medical education and professional development, e.g. the introduction of Mandatory Medical Ethics (MME) CME core points, and the Ethics Self-Assessment for Dentists.

Beyond educational initiatives, Associate Professor Alan Ng’s leadership has also promoted the Academy’s commitment to the improvement of professional standards and quality of patient care in the clinical practice guidelines on sarcopenia by Chapter of Geriatricians and treatment guidelines for COVID-19.

The Academy of Medicine Singapore (AMS) is delighted now to announce the appointment of Dr Wong Chiang Yin as its new Master, effective 8 June 2024. With an illustrious career spanning over several decades and a remarkable track record of service to the medical profession in Singapore, Dr Wong Chiang Yin brings a wealth of experience and a longstanding commitment to advancing medical excellence.

Throughout his distinguished career, Dr Wong Chiang Yin has held key leadership positions in prominent healthcare institutions, including roles as Advisor to MOH Holdings, Group CEO of Thomson Medical Group, and COO of Singapore General Hospital and Changi General Hospital. His extensive experience in both public health and healthcare administration uniquely positions him to lead AMS into its next phase of growth and development.

Dr Wong Chiang Yin's dedication to the medical profession is exemplified by his longstanding involvement in medical and healthcare professional organizations. He has served in various capacities within the Singapore Medical Association (SMA), including as President, and has been an active council member of AMS and the Singapore Medical Council (SMC). His advocacy work has contributed significantly to improving the welfare of medical professionals and enhancing patient care standards in Singapore.

In assuming the role of Master at AMS, Dr Wong Chiang Yin articulates a clear vision and set of values that prioritize advocacy, ethics, and equity in healthcare. He intends to build upon AMS's legacy of academic excellence and training by placing greater emphasis on advocacy efforts aimed at promoting a conducive environment for medical professionals to thrive.

As AMS enters this new chapter under Dr Wong Chiang Yin’s leadership, we are pleased to reaffirm our commitment to excellence in medical practice, education, and research, guided by a steadfast dedication to serving the medical specialists and healthcare needs of the community.


Council of the Academy of Medicine, Singapore (2024-2025) & Designation



Dr Wong Chiang Yin Master
Dr Sophia Chew Assistant Master (Academic Affairs)
Dr Ho Kok Sun Assistant Master (Administrative Affairs)
Dr Asok Kurup Scribe
Dr Ang Tiing Leong Bursar
Dr Choo Su Pin Assistant Bursar
Dr Ruban Poopalalingam Censor-in-Chief
Dr William Hwang Ying Khee Censor
Dr Lau Tang Ching Censor
Dr Leo Yee Sin Censor
Dr Steven Ng Censor
Dr Tan Boon Yeow Censor



Dr Edwin Seet President, College of Anaesthesiologists
Dr Poh Yu-Jin President, College of Dental Surgeons
Dr Tan Lay Kok President, College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
Dr Chua Mei Chien President, College of Paediatrics and Child Health
Dr Terence Kee Yi Shern President, College of Physicians
Dr Andrew Tan Gee Seng President, College of Radiologists
Dr Bernard Lim Yon Kuei President, College of Surgeons
Dr Mark Leong Kwok Fai President, College of Emergency Physicians
Dr Doric Wong President, College of Ophthalmologists
Dr Daniel Fung Shuen Sheng President, College of Psychiatrists
Dr Gan Wee Hoe President, College of Public Health & Occupational Physicians
Dr Mahesh Choolani President, College of Clinician Scientists
Dr Faith Chia President, College of Clinician Educators
Dr Inny Busmanis Chair, Chapter of Pathologists
Dr Tan Hon Liang Chair, Chapter of Intensivists
Dr Low Sher Guan Chair, Chapter of Family Medicine Physicians
Dr Ho Kok Yuen Chair, Chapter of Pain Medicine Physicians
Dr Leow Leong Chai Chair, Chapter of Sleep Medicine Physicians
Dr Saumya Shekhar Jamuar Chair (Pro Tem), Chapter of Genomic Medicine



Dr Alan Ng Wei Keong Immediate Past Master
Dr Raymond Seet Chee Seong  Editor-in-Chief, Annals



Dr Lim Shih Hui Dean, Academy Deanery
Dr Benjamin Ng Boon Lui Director, Office of Professional Affairs



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